Tim and Kyle’s instant restaurant scores

Tonight on MKR it is Tim and Kyle’s turn to cook in South Australia. The boys head out to the shops to get the ingredients for tonights meals. The head to a seafood shop first for some fresh tuna. Next they head to Coles for the

Entree- Tuna ceviche with puffed wild rice avocado puree and wasabi mayonnaise

Main- Spiced Kangaroo with beetroot and walnut puree and weed salad

Dessert- Key Lime Pie with vanilla ice-cream

The name of their restaurant is “Boy’s Backyard”.

They set up their restaurant and have just over two hours of preparation time left. Kyle begins the jus for the main. Kyle fries the brown wild rice in oil until it puffs up.

The guests arrive and are warmly greeted by the boys. The boys get back into the kitchen and make an avocado puree and the filling for the key lime pie. The judges arrive and the menu is revealed to the guests. They are impressed with the complexity of the menu.

The boys get back into the kitchen to prepare the dressing for the ceviche. Tim checks on the ice-cream in the churner, he takes it out and puts it into the freezer. Tim now begins the beetroot and walnut puree. Kyle slices up the tuna for the ceviche. They put thre dressing on and quickly plate it up so that the tuna does not overcook.

They take their entree out to the guests. Pete and Manu taste the tuna. Pete asks if it is the best they can do? Tim replies that he thinks so. Pete says it is absolutely brilliant. He says it is the best entree they’ve had in this group so far. He loved the puffed wild rice, he thought it was spectacular. Manu has licked his bowl clean and he says it was absolutely delicious. The tuna was perfect and the puree was smooth and silky. He says they have taken the competition to a whole new level. The other contestants taste the dish. They loved it with the exception of David and Betty.

The boys get back into the kitchen to finish preparing their main. Kyle adds a special spice rub to the kangaroo fillets. Tim prepares the weed salad. Kyle starts cooking the kangaroo. He carefully watches and checks each piece to make sure they are cooked perfectly. They start plating up. The dish looks great. They take their main meal out to the judges. The judges taste the dish. Pete says their entree was prefect but the main course was better, faultless. He loved the sauce and the weed salad. He could not fault the dish. Manu says that it was the best sauce they have ever had on MKR, the flavour, the thickness, they did a bloody good job. He says well done and to keep cooking like this so that they will get all the way to the end of the competition. The other contestants taste the dish. Most of the other contestants loved the dish.

Tim and Kyle get back into the kitchen to take the key lime pies out of the oven. Tim says traditionally the pie is topped with meringue but they are going to add a coconut cream instead. Kyle toasts the coconut in the oven but ends up burning it so he puts another batch in. They plate up the dish and take it out to the judges. The judges enjoy the dish. Manu says they have given them three great courses and they have done brilliant tonight. Pete asks if they have family in the industry and Tim replies that his dad is a chef. The other guests taste the dish and enjoy it, David is again critical of the dish. He says he can make a better key lime pie.

Instant Restaurant Scores

It’s time to hear the scores.

Bek and Ash- 9

Karen and Ros- 9

Amy and Tyson- 9

Damo and Caz- 9

David and Betty- 8

Group score of 44/50

It’s time to hear the judges scores.


Entree- 10

Main- 10

Dessert- 8


Entree- 10

Main- 10

Dessert- 8

Grand total score of 100/110

It is the highest score ever in My Kitchen Rules History

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