Who is the new judge on MKR 2017?

There are many rumours of Who is the new judge on MKR 2017. Read on to see who we think the chef joining My Kitchen Rules in 2017 will be. Here is the promo video, can you pick it?

The promo shows a male dressed in a grey suit. Controversially it doesn’t look like the guest judge has a weeding ring. This is the only factor that sways the fact that it might be Celebrity chef Curtis Stone. So we have thrown another one in the mix.

The new judge on MKR in 2017 will either be Curtis Stone or Adriano Zumbo. Both have appeared on the competing cooking competition Masterchef Australia. There has been some reports of Curtis Stone being photographed on site with Pete and Manu so our best guess will it is him.

There is also a rumour that Pete will leave the show half way through and this judge will take over the judging duties.


The new judge has been revealed. The new judge is Darren Robertson

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