What does Josh say MKR? Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round Tyson & Amy

what does josh say?

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What does Josh say on MKR tonight? It is Tyson & Amy’s Ultimate Instant Restaurant round and Josh calls Amy a… Find out here.

Manu pulls Josh aside and lectures him on his behaviour. We believe Josh calls Amy a slut, keep refreshing to see this unfold live!

Here is what Tyson & Amy are cooking in their Ultimate Instant Restaurant.


Duck Liver, Honey Lavender Butter
Scampi with Passionfruit, Coconut and Coriander


Lamb Cutlets with Cauliflower and Rosemary Mint Gel
Sesame Crusted Tuna with Dragonfruit & Radish Salad


G & T Pear
Braised Parsnip, Curry Lemon Curd, Basil Ice Cream

Tyson and Amy’s menu is different to say the least, the flavours are not the usual combinations you will see. They get on to the entree and before you know it it’s plating time. They bring out the dishes. Amy says “Here you go seafood king”. Josh says “Thanks, slut”. Everyone is quiet. Amy looks physically upset. The judges taste the dishes. Manu chose the duck liver. He says he read the item and was very excited. It was a fabulous idea but the execution was far off. The bread should have been smaller, it was a bit rushed and unsure how it should be eaten. Pete chose the scampi. He says the scampi was cooked perfectly but he found the passionfruit too intense, he liked that they pushed the boundaries but wouldn’t order the dish again.

It is main. Pete ordered the lamb. He said everything tasted great, but there was not enough sauce. It looked beautiful and the lamb was cooked to perfection but just not enough. Manu had the tuna. He says “Pretty darn good dish”. The tuna was the star of the dish, “just gorgeous”. He liked the addition of the dragon fruit.

The final dishes hit the table, it’s dessert time. Pete has the G and T pear and Manu has the braised parsnip with curd and basil ice cream. Manu says he’s never seen anything like this dish before, but he really enjoyed it but he doesn’t know why he enjoyed it, he says all of the flavours together worked really well. Pete says it was the most exciting dessert they’ve ever had on MKR, he loved it, it was a knockout. He loved all of the elements on the plate. Surprisingly some of the other contestants did not enjoy the G and T pear.

It’s time for the contestants to score their meals tonight:

Court and Duncan-5

Karen and Ros-7

Amy and Josh-4

David and Betty-5

Della and Tully-6

Mark and Chris-6

Valerie and Courtney-6

Total score of 39/70

Now it’s time for the judges to score the dishes.









Grand total score of 83/130. This places them second on the leaderboard under Valerie and Courtney. Della and Tully are cooking next.



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2 thoughts on “What does Josh say MKR? Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round Tyson & Amy

  • Connie

    In my own opinion Josh had enough of the INSULT he is getting from Amy , Calling him STUPID, I believe that is not also a proper word to say. In my opinion Josh is just making a constructive comment on how to cook some seafood, and no one I think has the right to call him STUPID. Maybe Josh had enough . I cannot also believed that Manu as being a professional can threatened his contestant that (YOU WILL TAKE EVERYPART OF IT) I loved watching MKR , but I feel everyone is getting out of Control. They are free to Insult other contestant. It is a cooking Competition and viewer like me is only interested about the food and how you can cook it. Amy is Crying because her feeling was hurt of what it was said to her? how about what she said to the other person..

  • lydia

    In my opinion JOSH had enough of the INSULT he getting. Calling him STUPID is not nice to hear . Calling him every minute as a Seafood King. In my opinion JOSH is only making a CONSTRUCTIVE comment , on how to cook the seafood ,and why call a person STUPID Maybe Josh had enough and also feeling hurt of what he is hearing. Why Amy crying? She is hurt? how about the things she is saying to other people, she should realize he is also human being like her that has feeling. I cannot also believe that MANU as being a Professional threatened his contestant that (THAT YOU WILL GET EVERY PART OF IT) I loved watching MKR and I feel everyone is getting out of control. They free to insult other contestant .This is a Cooking Competition As a viewer I am only interested about the food and how they cooked..