Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round – Valerie and Courtney

It is the first round of the Ultimate Instant Restaurant and Valerie and Courtney are cooking. What is their score? Can they get a good score and set them up on the top of the leaderboard?

Valerie and Courtney have to cook two dishes for each course for 16 people. Their restaurant “Tiffin Room” has an Indian vibe. Here is what they are cooking:


Spice Rubbed Lamb with Mint Chutney & Paratha Bread
Trio of Indian Tapas


Fish Curry with Rice and Eggplant Pickle
Spiced Duck with Jalfragie Sauce


Cardamon Panna Cotta with Ginger and Orange Syrup
Angoori Jamuns with Safron and Rosewater Syrup

Pete chooses the Trio of Tapas. He asks if they are happy with it. He says the three sauces were knock outs, it was a very strong start for him, but if they focused on just one component they would have a perfect score. Manu chose the lamb. He was expecting more spice on the lamb but loved the chutney, the bread was perfect. He enjoyed it but was expecting a little more.

The main dishes come out. Manu has the fish curry with eggplant pickle and Pete has the spiced duck with jalfragie sauce. Pete asks if this is how her dad would have cooked it and she replied that her dad would have cooked it with lamb. Pete says if you’re going to modernise a dish t has to be better, he said it was good but not wow. Manu says he absolutely loved, loved, loved this dish and there’s nothing he would have changed about the dish.

The judges finally get to taste the desserts. Pete has the cardamon panna cotta and Manu has the angoori jamuns. Pete says where is the cardamon flavour, he couldn’t taste it. He thought they were holding back on the flavours. Manu says his dessert was gorgeous, the little soft balls were cooked perfectly.

It’s time to hear the team scores:

Mark and Chris-8

Karen and Ros-8

Amy and Tyson-8

Della and Tully-7

Amy and Josh-8

Court and Duncan-7

David and Betty-7

Team score of 53/70


Now it’s time for the judges to score the dishes.










Grand total score of 99/130.

Amy and Tyson cook next

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