Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round- Della and Tully

Della and Tully Ultimate Instant Restaurant

Source: Channel 7

Tonight on MKR we are back at Della and Tully’s restaurant “The Peppertree” for the ultimate instant restaurant round.

The menu tonight is:

Entree- Garlic Bugs with Onion and Leeks

Entree- Fried Barramundi with Roast Chilli and Herb Salad

Main- Pork Neck with Green Beans and Radishes

Main- Beef Short Ribs with Coconut Sauce and Prik Nahm Pla

Dessert- Chocolate Honeycomb Sundae

Dessert- Lemon Brulee Tart

Pete has picked the barramundi and Manu has chosen the garlic bugs. The judges taste their meals. Manu says it was gorgeous, well seasoned and well caramelised. He loved the garlic butter. Pete says it was bloody good. The fish was crispy and well seasoned. The dressing was brilliant, a brilliant way to start a three course meal.

For mains Pete has chosen the pork neck and Manu has chosen the beef short ribs. Manu says the short ribs were cooked very well and he loved the coconut sauce but the prik nahm pla was very very very salty! He says it just felt wrong. Pete says the pork was cooked well, was tender and he liked the char on the outside. He says the beans and radishes are nice too but there was no sauce, it was an incomplete dish.

It’s the final meal, dessert. Pete has chosen the chocolate honeycomb sundae and Manu has chosen the lemon brulee tart. Pete critiques first, he didn’t expect the raspberries at the bottom and the dish would be better without them. The ice cream was a bit icy and the chocolate was too sweet, but the honeycomb was nice. He didn’t think the dish was up to scratch. Manu loved his tart. It was “brilliant” it had a beautiful pastry with a good filling.


Tyson & Amy – 8
Court and Duncan – 6
Karen and Ros – 6
Amy and Josh – 7
David and Betty – 6
Mark and Chris – 6
Valerie and Courtney – 6

Total: 45/70


Entree – 10
Main – 7
Dessert – 9


Entree – 9
Main – 4
Dessert – 4

Total 88/130

This places Della & Tully second on the MKR Leaderboard

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