Ultimate Instant Restaurant Mark and Chris

Tonight on MKR the teams are back in Melbourne for Mark and Chris’ ultimate instant restaurant “The Fifth Quarter”.

The menu for tonight:

Entree-Ricotta Gnocchi with Mushroom and Lemon Cream Sauce

Entree-Orange and Grapefruit Kingfish Carpaccio

Main-Porchetta with Pork, Fennel and Porcini Stuffing

Main-Pasta with Bolognaise Ragu

Dessert- Bombolini with Raspberry Sorbet

Dessert-Campari Sorbet with Pistachio Crumb and Vanilla Mascarpone

The first meals arrive at the table. Pete has chosen the carpaccio and Manu has chosen the gnocchi. They taste their meals. Pete says he thinks he has chosen the wrong dish. He says it wasn’t seasoned well and it needed more dressing. It needed more avocado and more flavour, he says unfortunately it fell flat. Manu says the gnocchi were a great success, fluffy and melt in your melt. He says the lemon cream sauce made the dish so light.

The main meals arrive at the table. Pete has chosen the pasta with bolognaise and Manu has chosen the pork porchetta. Pete says he was hoping for a delicious ragu and pasta but their ragu was salty and pasty. The pasta is overcooked and the semi dressed salad with sweet pear wasn’t enjoyable, Pete says he did not like it. Manu says the porchetta was overcooked and has been in the oven for too long.

Dessert arrives at the table. Pete has ordered the Campari sorbet and Manu has ordered the bombolini. Pete and Manu taste their meals. Pete says the sorbet was delicious and pistachio crumb worked a treat and it was his favourite meal of the night, he would have liked more of it though. Manu says his only criticism is that the ratios were out, he had eaten all of his sorbet and had lots of doughnut left, the sorbet was beautiful though.

It’s time for the teams to score their meals tonight.

David and Betty-7

Karen and Ros-6

Court and Duncan-6

Amy and Tyson-5

Della and Tully-6

Josh and Amy-8

Courtney and Valerie-6

Team score of 44/70


Now it’s time for the judges to score their meals.










Grand total score of 78/130 which places them at the bottom of the MKR leaderboard. Tomorrow it’s Court and Duncan’s turn to cook.

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