Ultimate Instant Restaurant – David and Betty

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Tonight is David & Betty’s turn to cook in their Ultimate Instant Restaurant. Can they beat Karen & Ros to stay safe from MKR elimination. Here’s what they are cooking.


Bo La Lot – Grilled Wagyu Beef in Betel Leaf
Banh Xeo Taco – Vietnamese Pancake Taco


Or Lam – Lao Spicy Chicken Stew
Seafood Sour Orange Curry


Flambe Mango in Orange and Whisky and Coconut Ice Cream
Khao Sangkaya – Sweet Sticky Rice and Steamed Coconut Egg Custard

While they are waiting for entrees, Manu shows that he can actually juggle. He spent three years at a circus school.

Pete ordered the Wagyu beef and Manu ordered the taco for entree. Manu asked if the dish was cooked as traditional as possible. It wasn’t and David and Betty knew this, they tried to make it better than the original. They succeeded. Manu says it was an unbelievably amazing dish. The pancake was delicious and the sauce was so good it was drinkable. He had nothing negative to say about the dish. Pete tastes his wagyu beef. He says they did it very well. It was bang on with the flavour but it just had to have a bit more fat to be more juicy but it was a very minor criticism.

It is main course time. Pete ordered the seafood curry and Manu ordered the chicken stew. He said he has never tasted this dish before and he really enjoyed it. He would have liked more chicken than vegetable in the dish but was overall happy with it. Pete says the curry was a brave dish with four types of seafood but they were perfectly cooked. It was spot on. He was hoping the curry was more sour given it was a “sour” curry. Overall the dish just wasn’t perfect.

Will David & Betty get to the top of the MKR Leaderboard with this menu?

David and Betty bring the desserts out to the table. Manu has chosen the sticky rice and egg custard and Pete has chosen the flambe mango with coconut ice cream. Manu says he loves the coconut sauce but he did not like the custard. Pete says his dessert was disappointing. The coconut ice cream was icy and the mango was disappointing as there was no whisky and orange, he found it quite boring. The judges are being quite harsh this round.

It’s time for the contestants to score their meals.

Della and Tully-6

Valerie and Courtney-6

Josh and Amy-5

Court and Duncan-6

Amy and Tyson-6

Karen and Ros-5

Mark and Chris-6

Total score of 40/70


Now it’s time for the judges to score their meals.











Grand total score of 86. It places David and Betty third on the MKR Leaderboard. The final team to cook in this ultimate restaurant round is Josh and Amy.

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