Sudden Death Elimination Lama and Sarah vs Caitie and Demi

Tonight on MKR Lama and Sarah and Caitie and Demi battle it out in a sudden death elimination. It has been described as the mutiny episode. Who will mutiny tonight, we’ll find out soon. Lama and Sarah performed poorly in their instant restaurant due to their constant fighting so tonight Sarah says she is in charge of the team.

The menu for tonight for Lama and Sarah is:

Entree- Spicy prawns with crusty bread

Main-Lamb cutlets with couscous salad and mint pea puree

Desert- Caramelised figs with olive oil ice-cream


The menu for Caitie and Demi is:

Entree-Zucchini fritters with tzatziki

Main- Moussaka with candied lemon salad

Dessert- Galaktoboureko

Lama and Sarah are already fighting in the kitchen. Lama thinks the prawns need to be done and Sarah disagrees. Caitie is busy peeling potatoes while Demi does almost everything else. Demi gets started on the zucchini fritters and adds her secret ingredient, ouzo. Lama and Sarah realise they have made a huge mistake, Lama has forgotten to put the blade in the ice-cream churner and it had been doing nothing this entire time. They find the churner and put the ice-cream back in and hope for the best.

Caitie is making the tzatziki but Demi calls her away to help with the zucchini fritters. Manu is in their kitchen and suggests they fry up a test fritter. Demi decides that she doesn’t have enough time so she ignores him. There’s 10 minutes remaining, Lama takes her bread out of the oven and slices it up. Sarah is cooking the prawns. Demi is cooking all of the zucchini fritters at once. Sarah is concerned that her prawns might be overcooked. There’s one minute to go and both teams frantically plate up their dish. Both teams get all of the elements on the plate.

It’s time for the judges to taste the entrees. The judges taste the zucchini fritters first. Guy says its a brave dish. Colin says it’s confident cooking that showcases the vegetable. Pete says it’s a great start for team number one. Next they taste Lama and Sarah’s prawns. Colin says the prawns are cooked well and he likes the idea of the bread. Karen likes the bread and Liz loves the flavour of the sauce.

It’s time for both teams to start on their mains. Lama suddenly realises she forgot to put the olive oil in the olive oil ice-cream. Sarah is cooking the lamb cutlets and Lama is making the pea puree. Sarah is worried that she is not going to have the lamb cooked on time. They realise that they might only get two lamb cutlets on the plate instead of three. Demi and Caitie smells something burning and realise the grill has burnt the top of their moussaka. Time is running out and they quickly plate up their meals.

It’s time for the judges to taste the main meals. They taste Lama and Sarah’s lamb dish first. Colin says his lamb is undercooked. Liz says the couscous is dry. Manu doesn’t even know what cuisine he is eating and says its confusing dish. Next they try the moussaka. Karen says it’s a luscious and moist dish. Guy says its a homely home-cooked meal.

It’s dessert time and for one team it’s the final time they will be cooking on MKR. Sarah is making a crumb for the figs. Caitie and Demi are making the custard for their galaktoboureko. Lama and Sarah are checking on their ice-cream and it is still not set. The girls are disagreeing on whether to make the caramel in the pan that they cooked the figs in or whether to cook it in a clean pan. Caitie and Demi get their galaktoboureko into the oven. Lama and Sarah are fighting again over how to cook the figs and the caramel sauce. Demi realises that her dish is burning, she takes it quickly out of the oven and removes the burnt corn flakes. Both teams plate up in a hurry. Time is up.

The judges taste the final dish. They taste Lama and Sarah’s figs and ice-cream first. Colin says there is something missing, there’s no freshness. Karen cannot taste the olive-oil in the ice-cream. Next they try the galaktoboureko. Manu comments it looks a bit like breakfast. Guy is not sure about changing the filo pastry with the cornflakes. Liz does not understand why they have done it. Pete says it is a cooking competition and using cornflakes is not cooking.

It’s now time to find out the judges scores.

Caitie and Demi









Lama and Sarah








Lama and Sarah have been eliminated from MKR tonight.



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One thought on “Sudden Death Elimination Lama and Sarah vs Caitie and Demi

  • stephanie

    yes, finally they went. i guess their cheating in the rigged score didn’t pay off. ha ha ha, who got the last laugh caitie and demi did.