Semi Final 2 – Tim & Kyle vs Valerie & Courtney who wins MKR?

mkr semi final 2

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It is Semi Final 2 tonight, one team will make it to the grand final. Who will be eliminated from MKR tonight and who will win MKR for 2017?

Like last night, the contestants must cook a three course meal for the judges, the team that scores the highest will be through to the MKR grand final. Who will win tonight to take on Amy & Tyson?

Here is what they are cooking.

Tim & Kyle

Entree – Scallops with Celeriace Puree and Pancetta
Main – Confit Duck with Coffee Pumpkin
Dessert – Brownie with Chocolate Stout Mousse and Coffee Syrup

Valerie & Courtney

Entree – Peppered Chicken Livers with Fennel and Tomato Chutney
Main – Oxtail Stew with Pickled Onion Mash and Eggplant Kasundi
Dessert – Cardamom Dumplings with Saffron Creme Anglaise

Round 1 – Entree

Both teams get off to a flying start but both cut it very fine when getting all their ingredients on the plate. The first dish the judges taste are Tim & Kyle’s scallops. Karen says the dish is seasoned beautifully, but where it was let down was in the presentation. Liz agrees, the elements are good but there should have been more of it. Pete says “it’s just not enought”

Next is Valerie & Courtney’s Livers. Guy says it is “fairytale indian food”, pefectly cooked livers. Karen says it is “all delicious”. Colin says there is an expertise in getting these flavours, Manu says it is all ticks from him.

Round 2 – Main

The judges taste Kyle and Tim’s confit duck meal first. Liz say it’s a great dish, the duck is the glory hero on the plate. Colin likes the pumpkin coffee puree and loves the confit duck. Pete says it’s and enjoyable main course, Next they taste Valerie and Courtney’s Oxtail Stew. Karen says she loves the flavours. Guy loves the dish and the sauce. Liz likes the pickle and the chutney. Colin likes it but says there’s a lot of cinnamon and cardamon in there.

Round 3 – Dessert

It is on to dessert. The judges taste their dishes and start with Tim & Kyle’s Brownie. Colin says the stout in the mousse overpowers the chocolate, it’s very bitter. Guy thinks it’s a good brownie, Karen thinks the dish is quite enjoyable when you combine all the flavours. Liz is critical about the pretzels, they didn’t make them from scratch. Pete agrees, but Karen disagrees, she thinks it is hip. It is a debate, Guy agrees with Liz but Colin sides with Karen. It is on to Valerie & Courtney’s Dumplings. Colin thinks this dish is very sweet. Karen loves this dessert, the anglaise could have been thicker but she loved it anyhow. Guy says when you combine everything it is a little bit rich as a whole. Liz likes the dish, she doesn’t think it is too sweet.

It was a controversial dish, who will be eliminated from MKR tonight?

MKR Semi Final Scores

Tim & Kyle

Pete – 8
Manu – 8
Guy – 8
Karen – 8
Liz – 7
Colin – 7

Total: 46/60

Valerie & Courtney

Pete – 8
Manu – 8
Guy – 8
Karen – 9
Liz – 9
Colin – 8

Total: 50/60

Tim & Kyle have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules Tonight.

Valerie & Courtney are through to the MKR grand final.

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