MKR Contestants 2017

This year’s MKR Contestants 2017 are fresh and ready to cook! Things are about to heat up and so far we know about these contestants:

The Seafood King and Queen Josh and Amy

MKR Contestant Josh and Amy

Source: Channel 7

The Mighty Mums, Kelsey and Amanda

MKR Contestant Kelsey and Amanda

Source: Channel 7

Just Friends, David and Betty

MKR Contestant David and Betty

Source: Channel 7

The Fiery Foodies, Amy and Tyson

mkr contestant Amy and Tyson

Source: Channel 7

Mother and Daughter Valerie and Courtney

mkr contestant Valerie and Courtney

Source: Channel 7

Alyse and Matt

mkr contestant Alyse and Matt

Source: Channel 7

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