MKR Sauce Challenge

Valerie and Courtney MKR Sauce Challenge

Source: Channel 7

Today’s MKR challenge is a sauce challenge. The teams have to cook a dish with a signature sauce. The winner will have their sauce sold at Coles, the losers will go to elimination. The teams are cooking at a Coles store and the customers will award the people’s choice for the best sauce.

Here is what they are cooking.

  • Josh and Amy are making Chilli Chicken Wrap with Peri Peri Sauce
  • Valerie and Courtney are making Lamb with Sweet Spiced Ango-Indian Sauce
  • Mell and Cyn are making Pork Ribs with Smoky Caramel Sauce
  • Court and Duncan are making Pork Fillet with Lemon, Butter & Sage Sauce
  • Karen and Ros are making crispy pork belly¬†with chicken & pork gravy, fennel and apple salad
  • David and Betty are making grilled chicken with peanut satay sauce
  • Tim and Kyle are making Steak with Mushroom Sauce and Creamy Spinach
  • Mark and Chris are making Duck Breast with Spiced Orange
  • Brett and Marie are making Veal &¬†Sausage with tomato sauce with crispy polenta
  • Amy and Tyson are making Crumbed Chicken with Smoky Chicken Gravy

The judges taste each dish:

Karen and Ros- The judges are happy with the crispy crackle, they love the sauce

Amy and Tyson- The judges are impressed with the moist chicken, the sauce has a great flavour but not a good consistency

Mell and Cyn- The judges say the sauce is way too sweet and the noodles are horrible according to Curtis

Tim and Kyle- The judges say the steak is cooked well and the mushroom sauce is good

Court and Duncan- The judges like the flavours in the sauce but the pork has been overcooked

Valerie and Courtney- The judges say yum and wow, it’s sweet and sour and has a bit of heat, Colin says it’s unique and Pete says it’s a stand out dish

Brett and Marie- The judges say the flavour of the sauce is good but the veal chunks inside are dry

Josh and Amy- The judges say the sauce is ok but the dish has no finesse and the chicken is dry

Mark and Chris- The judges say the duck is cooked well and the sauce is quite sweet

David and Betty- The judges say the sauce tastes great, they love the sauce

Time is up and service is over. It’s time to find out who is the people’s choice today.

Karen and Ros got the judges dish of the day today. However, the people’s choice today is Valerie and Courtney.

The two teams up for My Kitchen Rules elimination are Mell & Cyn and Court and Duncan.

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