Mell and Cyn’s instant restaurant

Tonight on MKR it’s Mell and Cyn’s turn to cook. They are the last contestants to cook in this round. Their restaurant is called Pinnacle and is located inside Cyn’s mansion in Wollongong.

Tonight Mell and Cyn are cooking:

Entree: Blue swimmer crab with avocado puree and citrus salad

Main: Duck breast with spiced orange sauce

Dessert: Chocolate and quince tart

Mell and Cyn shop for all their ingredients at Coles and then return to the house to set up their instant restaurant. Mell gets started on the pastry for the chocolate tart, it is buttery and falls apart when she puts it into the tin but she is not concerned. Cyn cooks the swimmer crabs and they both carefully removed the crab meat from the shells.

The guests arrive and are greeted by Mell and Cyn. Mell blind bakes her tart cases and they are cracked. She decides to make another batch of pastry. The judges arrive. Mell and Cyn plate up their entree and take it out to the judges. Colin and Darren taste the dish. Colin says the crab has been over picked. Darren agrees and says the crab had lost it’s texture. He says the balance of flavours was out as the crab is sweet and the avocado is also sweet.

Mell takes the sorbet out of the churner, puts it into moulds and straight into the fridge. Cyn washes the salt and sugar rub off the duck breasts and then flavours the skin. Colin enters the kitchen and questions the method of crisping the skin. Cyn turns the duck breasts over and is happy with the crispy skin. The girls plate up their mains and take them out to their guests. Colin and Darren taste the dish. Darren says it was beautifully seasoned but his duck wasn’t crispy. Colin says the skin wasn’t crispy anf the duck was almost over cooked. He also thought the potatoes were sparse.

The girls get back into the kitchen to cook their final dish. The tart shells have already been blind baked so all they have to do is prepare the mixture for the filling. They cook the tarts and take them out of the oven. Mell is not convinced that they are cooked so she puts them back in again. They finally take the tarts out of the oven and begin to slice them up. The pastry is falling apart and it looks as though the middle is going to be runny. The girls are not thrilled with their dessert but they plate it up anyways and take it out to the judges. Colin and Darren taste the dish. Colin says the tart was half cooked. Darren says the tart did not deliver and the pastry was slightly burnt and the quince has lost the bitterness that it needed.

Instant Restaurant Scores

It’s time to hear the scores

Mark and Chris- 6

Brett and Marie- 7

Valerie and Courtney-6

Demi and Caitie- 6

Lama and Sarah-8

Total of 33/50

It’s time for the judges to score.









Grand total score of 71/110. Mell and Cyn are safe and second the MKR Leaderboard. Demi and Caitie and Lama and Sarah will be battling it out in the sudden death cook off.


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