Karen and Ros’ Restaurant Scores

Tonight on MKR it’s Karen and Ros’ turn to cook in Melbourne.

Entree- Ricotta gnocchi with sage and walnut sauce and blue cheese.
Main- Middle Eastern lamb with couscous stuffing and orange jus
Dessert- Spiced pavlova and roasted fruits

Karen and Ros’s instant restaurant is called Procreation. They get into the kitchen to start cooking. Ros gets started on the pavlova for dessert. Karen is making the couscous for the lamb main.

The guests begin to arrive. They are warmly welcomed and walk in to a pink and blue themed restaurant decorated in baby items and pregnancy pictures.

Karen makes the ricotta gnocchi and Ros is making the walnut sauce.

The judges arrive. The menu is revealed. Some contestants joke that they hope no baby food will be served.

The girls get back into the kitchen and check on their pavlovas. They have cracked and are concerned that they might be dry inside. Ros begins to cook the gnocchi in boiling water and takes them out to pan fry them. Manu enters the kitchen to chat to the girls, he tells them he wants lots of sauce. They plate up the entree and take it out to the judges and guests. The judges taste the dish. Pete says the dish was yum! He enjoyed the flavour combination. Manu loved the cheeses and the flavour combination but the gnocchi was a little dense for him. Some other guests commented that the dish was too cheesy and the gnocchi was too dense.

Karen and Ros get back into the kitchen to check on their lamb. Ros is reducing the orange jus. They are concerned that their lamb might be over cooked. They cut into the lamb and it is overdone.

Manu says the lamb was definitely overcooked and not just a little but quite overcooked.  The stuffing was dry too, he liked the sauce. Manu questioned the middle eastern concept. Pete agreed, and said the sauce was good. The others agreed the lamb was dry and overdone, but Tyson says his piece was tender and juicy, he says the flavours were spot on. The other guests are confused by his critique and are suspecting some strategy is at play here.

The girls get back into the kitchen to cook the roasted fruit. They are quite concerned about the cracked pavlovas. They plate them up, top them with marscapone cream and the roasted fruit. The judges taste the dish. Manu says the dessert was pretty, the meringue was not quite right but he liked the roasted fruit. Pete agreed and said it had rustic elegance, he says the meringue wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t bad either. The other contestants taste the dish. Tyson did not enjoy the dish. The other contestants enjoyed it with the exception of David who thought the spices reminded him of lamb. The other contestants are confused by his comments.

It’s time to hear the scores.

David and Betty- 6

Bek and Ash- 6

Tim and Kyle- 6

Damo and Caz- 6

Tyson and Amy-7

Score of 31/50


The judges scores


Entree- 8

Main- 2

Dessert- 7



Entree- 8

Main- 2

Dessert- 7

Grand total score of 65/110. They are now top of the leaderboard. The next team to cook is Bek and Ash in WA.


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