Judges Recipe Book Challenge Who Will Be Eliminated? Seafood King vs The Rest

Tonight on My Kitchen Rules is an elimination challenge. The top teams on the leaderboard are safe, but the rest of the teams are divided into two groups of six. They must choose recipes to cook out of either Pete or Manu’s cookbooks. They must memorise the recipes, then cook the dish. The bottom teams from each group must cook a dessert, with the cooks of worst dessert to be eliminated.

Round 1 Entree

Della and Tully are making a fish recipe by Pete from one of his first books.

Tim and Kyle are making Pete’s Calves Liver with Caramelised Onion

Court and Duncan are making Manu’s Mussels with Speck and Cider

Caiti and Demi are making Pete’s Japanese Pancake with Scallops and Shiitake Mushrooms

Mark and Chris are making Manu’s Kingfish with Parsnip Puree, Pickled Onion and Spec

Brett and Marie are making Pete’s Sauteed Squid with Malaysian Spinach

Round 1 Judging

Court & Duncan’s mussels are first to be judged, Manu says it is spicy, “interesting” says Pete. Tim & Kyles liver and Della and Tully gets no comment. Caiti and Demi’s pancake is next, Manu asks if they have tried it, Pete asks if they are happy with the seasoning. Mark and Chris’ fish is next, Pete says its a tricky fish to cook, Manu asks if they are happy with how long it was cooked. Manu asks if Brett and Marie’s squid was tasted.

Mark and Chris are awarded the best dish of the round and they are safe from the next two eliminations. Court and Duncan are not safe and will be cooking in the next round.

Round 2 Main Course

It is the next teams to cook. Josh is happy that Court and Duncan are in the final round, he says he thinks they don’t deserve to be in the competition and will be happy to see them go. Josh is cooking in this round, time to see if he can he actually cook seafood.

Mell and Cyn are making Pete’s Spatchcock with Preserved Lemon, Chilli and Rosemary

Josh and Amy are making Pete’s Chilli Mud Crab

Albert and Dave are making Manu’s Pearl Barley Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

Karen and Ros are cooking Pete’s Brazillian Fish Stew

David and Betty are cooking Manu’sTomato Prawn Curry

Damo and Kaz are making Manu’s Fillet of Venison with Pepper Sauce

There are a few controversial moves in this round. Josh dumps his crab into the pot, but splashes Mell & Cyn’s spatchcock, which was cooking on the next burner. Albert and Dave decide to add a bit of spice to the dish. This is what Court and Duncan did and it put them on the bottom.

Round 2 Judging

Pete and Manu ask David and Betty if they are happy with the sauce. Karen and Ros’ dish was “creative’ and Manu asks if it was “Brazillian”, Pete says it was definitely “Brazillian”. When it comes to Albert and Dave’s dish, Manu is suprised with their additions. Mell and Cyn’s spatchcock is cooked all the way through, there are no comments from the judges. Josh and Amy get the comment that the rice was different to last time (their instant restaurant).

David and Betty have cooked the best dish of the round and are safe for the next two eliminations. Albert and Dave are not safe and will be cooking in the next round

Round 3 Dessert

It is Court & Duncan versus Albert & Dave in the final round. The loser of this round will be eliminated. They teams must cook a dessert, one of their own recipes. The cooks of the best dish will survive.

Court and Duncan are making Chocolate Pudding with Hazelnut Shortbread and Chantilly Cream

Albert and Dave are making a Red Bean Pancake with Mango and Grapefruit Sago Soup

Court and Duncan are worried that their pudding wont set, so they use Agar, it is a fine line between setting and rubber when using it, so they have to be careful. Meanwhile, Albert and Dave are struggling, they are falling behind. They are using packet made Red Bean paste.

Round 3 Judging

Albert and Dave’s dish was a classic combination, it was nice, Pete didn’t mind the addition of the cream. Manu thought the pancake mix was a bit chewy and hard to get through. Court and Duncan’s pudding was bitter, Manu said setting a dessert with agar agar is hard, but it was set properly, great texture but he asks if the dish was too simple.

The judges decide that Court and Duncan are save and Albert and Dave have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules tonight.

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