Josh & Amy’s Instant Restaurant Scores

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It is Josh and Amy’s turn to cook on My Kitchen Rules. What will their instant restaurant scores be? The Seafood King has talked the talk, but can he cook his seafood to perfection? The couple from Broome in WA are cooking a predominately seafood menu in their restaurant “Longshore Drift”.

For entree, Josh and Amy are making a Chorizo Stuffed Squid recipe. Main course is Beer Battered Barramundi, Shoestring Fries and Tartare Sauce. For dessert it is Cape Brandy Pudding.

Josh and Amy get into the kitchen and prepare their squid for entree. They make a chorizo stuffing for the squid and stuff each one. Josh admits it is taking him a lot longer to do than anticipated. The guests have been waiting for over 2 hours for their entree. Finally Josh and Amy get the squid ono the plate and take it out to the judges. Pete and Manu taste the dish. Pete says the squid was well executed and tender but could do with caramelisation. He says the chorizo should have been more prominent in the stuffing. He says the sauce is not worthy of this competition, it just tastes like tinned tomatoes. Manu agrees and says where is the olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs in the sauce. He hopes the barramundi is better.

Josh and Amy get back into the kitchen to prepare their fish and shoestring fries. Josh says what can go wrong with fish and chips. Amy is preparing the fries, she attempts to cook the first batch of fries in the oil on the stove. The oil is too hot and the fries burn. She turns the heat down and they don’t cook properly. She then tries the deep fryer. Josh is trying to fix the tartare sauce that Amy made earlier, he’s not happy with it. Josh adds some lemon juice and Amy adds some sour cream. Neither Josh or Amy are able to cook the fries properly. Josh batters his fish and puts it in the deep fryer. The fish sinks to the bottom of the deep fryer and gets stuck in the basket. Josh says he can’t do this and Amy says we need to get something out on the plate. Josh then tries to put the beer battered fish in a pan of oil on the stove. It fails again and he scraps the beer batter idea. Then he decides to just do pan fried in garlic and butter. The guests have now been waiting for over 2 hours and 20 minutes. The guests are hungry and delusional. They finally plate the dish up and it doesn’t look great at all. They take the dish out to the guests and everyone is wondering where the beer batter is. Pete and Manu taste the dish. Josh decides to apologise for the dish, he says it not his best dish. Pete says the dish is a disaster, the fish wasn’t seasoned properly or cooked well. Manu says the fish is dry and the tartare sauce is not a tartare sauce. Pete says the sauce is creamy and sour for some reason and the chips were soggy. Alyse is looking unwell and she runs to the bathroom to be sick.

Josh and Amy get back into the kitchen one last time to finalise their dessert, a cold pudding. Amy makes a brandy sauce to go on top of the pudding. She whips up some cream and puts some fresh strawberries on the plate. They take the dish out to the judges. Pete and Manu taste the dish. Pete says they did deliver a brandy pudding but he did not enjoy it, the brandy is over powering, it is too sweet and he could have had more cream. Manu enjoyed it and says it was the best dish of the night. He says it was a simple dessert but simple is where they need to start.

It’s time to find out the teams scores.

Instant Restaurant Scores


Kelsey & Amanda – 4
Albert & Dave – 4
Court & Duncan – 3
Della & Tully – 4
Alyse & Matt – 3

Combined score: 18/50


Entree – 5
Main – 1
Dessert – 4


Entree – 5
Main – 2
Dessert – 8

Total: 43/110

This puts Josh & Amy at the bottom of the My Kitchen Rules Leaderboard

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