Finals week – Who is eliminated from MKR?

MKR Finals Week

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It is finals week on MKR and one team will be eliminated each night until the final. Who will be eliminated from MKR tonight? The first round is to cook a breakfast dish, two teams will compete against each other from opposite ends of the MKR leaderboard.

Round 1 – Breakfast

The first round is to cook breakfast. The winners of this round will not have to cook again. Here are the teams

Delia & Tully – Potoato Pancake with Salmon and Creme Fraiche
Court & Duncan – Poached Egg with Smoked Salmon

Mark & Chris – Poached Duck Egg with Charred Cauliflower and Speck Salad
David & Betty – Son in Law Egg with Chinese Sausage and Tamirind Chilli Jam

Karen & Ros – Corn Fritters with Scallops and Avocado Mash
Valerie & Courtney – spicy potatoes with soft boiled egg and maple bacon

Tyson & Amy – Bubble & Squeak with Poached Egg and Maple Bacon
Tim & Kyle – Corn & Spring Onion Fritter with Panko Crumbed Egg

The round goes very quickly, the teams struggle to get their dishes ready in time. Valerie and Courtney struggle to get their egg on the plate before time is up and get 1/2 a boiled egg on the plate and not much bacon. Their dish is first to be tasted by the judges but they don’t give anything away. Karen and Ros’ dish looks good, they just got the scallops on in time. I think they might be safe. In the next challenge, Delia’s salmon is cooked perfectly but it is pan fried, not normally a breakfast dish. Court and Duncan’s dish looks good, but will it beat Delia & Tully’s?

Tyson & Amy’s poached egg is cooked perfectly, it oozes when Manu cuts it, they are confident. Tim & Kyle haven’t cooked in HQ for a while, their dish doesn’t look appealing, but they used a good technique of poaching, then coating and frying the egg, its runny when cut open. The judges ask them if they tasted it all together and it doesn’t sound good!

Mark & Chris’ duck egg was cooked perfectly, while David & Betty’s Son in Law egg was very over cooked, not runny at all. The verdicts are in.


Karen & Ros
Della & Tully (dish of the round)
Mark & Chris
Amy & Tyson

Cooking in the next round

Valerie & Courtney
Court & Duncan
David & Betty
Tim & Kyle

Round 2 – Lunch

Round 2 is a lunch challenge. The losers of this round will be in the final cook off and one team will be eliminated. The teams have 45 minutes and again it is two teams going head to head.

Valerie & Courtney – Spicy Pork Pot Pie with Coconut Mashed Potato
Court & Duncan –  Glazed pork fillet with Bean Salad and Capsicum Jam
David & Betty – Thai Beef Salad with Vermicelli Noodle
Tim & Kyle – Crispy Skin Salmon with Ginger & Sweet Potato Puree and Asian Dressing

The judges taste all four lunch meals. Valerie and Courtney had a strong and beautiful flavour in their lamb mix but there was too much potato on top. Pete says Court and Duncan’s pork was well cooked but both judges did not like their bean salad. Tim and Kyle’s salmon was cooked perfectly, the dressing matched and the sweet potato was cooked well. David and Betty’s salad was called bland by Manu.


Valerie and Courtney

Time and Kyle

Cooking in sudden death

David and Betty

Court and Duncan

Round 3- Dinner

The final round is 60 minutes to cook a memorable dinner.

Court and Duncan-Lamb rack with peas and beets

David and Betty- Vietnamese beef stew with carrot puree

Court and Duncan seem to have everything under control. David and Betty seem a little flat, Betty in particular is seeming to be uninspired. David and Betty open their pressure cooker to check on their beef cheeks. They’re happy with the flavours and the beef is cooked well. Court and Duncan check on their lamb in the oven and they’re concerned it’s undercooked. They take it out of the oven and it’s very very undercooked. Duncan decides to pan sear the lamb with 2 minutes remaining. Duncan removes the lamb at the very last second. He’s still worried that it’s undercooked.

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. Pete and Manu taste Court and Duncan’s lamb dish first. They taste David and Betty’s dish next. It’s time to reveal what the judges thought of each meal.

David and Betty’s dish was full of flavour, they loved the sauce and Pete said the carrot puree worked.

Court and Duncan’s dish, Pete loved the presentation, lamb more on the rarer side but Manu loved the sauce.


David and Betty


Court and Duncan

Court and Duncan have been eliminated from MKR tonight.



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