Finals Week. Who will be eliminated?

Tonight on MKR there are 7 teams remaining. It is finals week so one team will be eliminated tonight. Tonight’s challenge is in two rounds. The first round is an inventiveness test. The teams will choose one type of meat and create three different types of dishes using that meat. There are 7 teams remaining but only 4 types of meat to choose from, beef, lamb, chicken and pork. A maximum of two teams can cook with the same meat. Della and Tully won the advantage yesterday so they get to decide the order in which eat team can choose their meat.

They choose pork for themselves. The other teams choose:

Karen and Ros- Pork

Mark and Chris- Chicken

David and Betty- Chicken

Valerie and Courtney- Lamb

Amy and Tyson- Beef

Tim and Kyle- Beef

The teams have 90 minutes to cook their three dishes. The team with the best dishes will win an advantage. The two worst teams will cook off and one team will be eliminated.

The teams are cooking:

Della and Tully- Pork belly with sweet potato, Pulled pork donut, Pork fillet with pea puree

Karen and Ros- Pork shoulder with polenta, Crispy pork belly, Pork cutlet with pickled apple

Mark and Chris- Rolled chicken thigh, Chicken wings, Chicken lollipops

David and Betty- Banh Mi chicken taco, Larb Gai, Chicken wonton soup

Valerie and Courtney- Lamb Mulligatawny soup, Lamb Masala curry, Shish kebab with paratha

Amy and Tyson- Oxtail with tarragon mash, Crumbed minute steak

Tim and Kyle- Spaghetti and meatballs, Peppered beef, Beef parmagiana

It is a mad rush to the finish, the judges taste the dishes but Valerie & Courtney didn’t get their sauce on the plate, will this send them to sudden death?

Round 1 Review

The judges loved David & Betty’s dish, they made “chicken shine” in their dish. Mark & Chris’ rolled chicken was great but the “lollipop” was missing a sauce to tie it together. Karen & Ros’s dish was “nearly there” the pork was moist and delicious but the pok belly was missing crackling. Valerie & Courtney’s dish had a really enjoyable lamb curry, it was “unbelievable”, but the shish-kebab was missing the sauce, it was a good dish but with one little fault. Valerie and Courtney’s donut was the cream and the liquid sauce brought the dish down. Tim & Kyle’s peppered beef was the highlight of their dish, but the spaghetti and meatball sauce was not enjoyable, but the least favourite part of the dish was the parma. Amy & Tyson’s wagyu was cooked perfectly, the crumbed meat was delicious and the tying in of the mash was brilliant, it was the dish of the day and they are safe.

The two teams going in to round 2 are Karen & Ros and Tim & Kyle

Round 2 – Dessert

For round 2, Karen & Ros and Tim & Kyle must make a trio of desserts. Tim & Kyle are making a trio of mousses, including a yoghurt mousse with caramelised pineapple and balsamic strawberries, ricotta mousse with grilled peaches and honey thyme syrup. Karen & Ros are making Fudgey chocolate cake with raspberry coulis, chocolate chilli mousse with raspberries and chocolate crumb with balsamic strawberries and mascarpone.

Time is up, it’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. Tim and Kyle’s dish is first. Manu asks if they think the three desserts work together. Next up is Karen and Ros’ dessert. Pete says it’s death by chocolate.

It’s time to find out who will be eliminated tonight.

Karen and Ros- Pete says the highlight was the chocolate mousse. Manu agrees and says he enjoyed the balsamic strawberries. Pete says the fudgy chocolate cake was too dense.

Tim and Kyle- Manu says he wondered if there were too many things on the plate but he loved the three perfect mousses with the herbs. Pete says the ricotta mousse was feather light and this dessert was the dessert of the competition, faultless.

Tim and Kyle are through to the finals. Karen and Ros have been eliminated from MKR tonight.

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