Elimination Damo and Caz vs Amy and Tyson

tyson and amy elimination

Source: Channel 7

Tonight on MKR its an elimination. It’s the top scoring team of Amy and Tyson against Damo and Caz. Who will be eliminated on My Kitchen Rules tonight? The menu for the teams tonight is:

Amy and Tyson

Entree – Steak tartare with parmesan crisp

Main – Oxtail steak and kidney stew

Dessert – Cheese sorbet with walnut cake and carrot

Damo and Caz

Entree – Fish cakes with lime slaw and sriracha aioli

Main – Lamb backstrap with roast beetroot, parsnip puree and goats cheese cream

Dessert – Red wine poached pears with cinnamon ice-cream

Damo and Caz are feeling the pressure as they are the only Tasmanian team in the competition. Damo is making the fish cakes and they both work as a team to roll them into a ball. Amy is making a parmesan chip to go with the entree. Tyson is making the vegetable mix to go inside the steak tartare. The teams smell something burning. Amy thinks it might be the pressure cooker with the oxtail inside. They take the bottom off the pressure cooker and the bottom of the pan is burnt. They decide to put a second lot of oxtail on for the main. Damo and Caz get their fishcakes into the deep fryers and prepare to plate up. Tyson gets the second batch of oxtail into another pressure cooker. Damo is not happy with the consistency of the ice-cream as he pours it into the moulds. Amy is having a lot of trouble transferring her confit egg yolks onto the steak tartare, they are breaking. Both teams get their entrees plated up and they are happy with their meals overall.

It’s time for the judges to taste the entrees. The first dish they taste belongs to Amy and Tyson. Liz says the steak tartare is lacking flavour although she likes the parmesan crisp. Karen says that everything was chopped so finely that you couldn’t really taste them. Manu says that he was disappointed with the confit egg yolk. The second dish they taste belongs to Damo and Caz. Guy says its a great idea for a first course but it needed more flavour. Colin agrees that it had a lack of seasoning. Liz thinks the sriracha mayonnaise is not punchy enough. ]

Who did better in this round? Who will be eliminated tonight? It is looking very close.

The teams get back into their kitchens to complete their main meals and try to avoid elimination, a killer dish at this stage could save either team. The second batch of oxtail is looking better. Tyson is making his walnut and carrot cake to go with the cheese sorbet. Damo and Caz get started on their dessert too, the poached pears. Amy is frying off some mushrooms and speck for the stew. Tyson checks the oxtail again and he is happy with how it is cooked. Amy tastes the beef but she is unhappy with it, it’s chewy and dry. Amy fries up some kidneys and adds them to the oxtail. Damo takes a trial piece of lamb out of the oven but it is still underdone. Amy and Tyson taste their stew, they’re not happy with it and say it is average. It’s time to plate up. Neither of the teams dishes look great.

It’s time for the judges to taste the mains. They taste Amy and Tyson’s stew first. Karen says the seasoning is spot on, she would like some more sauce though. Liz asks where the steak was. Guy says he thinks the dish was really good. Next they taste Damo and Caz’s lamb backstrap. Guy says some of the backstrap was good, some was overcooked. Colin is not sure what was happening on the plate. Liz says she liked the carrot chips.

It is dessert time. Tyson and Amy are making something that is like a carrot cake but not a carrot cake even though it is indeed a carrot cake. Damo and Caz are working like an old married couple, meanwhile Tyson is making a “Carrot Foam” out of carrot juice. Damo checks his ice cream, its soft. Tyson’s foam isn’t working, Amy’s sweet carrots aren’t working, their in trouble. Will the top team be eliminated? Both teams plate up in time but neither team is happy with what they have produced.

It’s time for the judges to taste the teams final dishes, will this be the deciding dish on who will be eliminated. The judges taste Amy and Tyson’s cheese sorbet with cake first. Liz says she hasn’t had a dish like this before, it wasn’t entirely successful but she likes the idea of it. Guy liked the sorbet with the foam on it. Pete says the ratios were off with the dish. Next they taste Damo and Caz’s poached pears. Karen says the dessert is rushed, the pear is quite firm. Liz likes how all the flavours worked. Colin is not impressed with the runny ice-cream, he says it is a disaster. It seems it will be a close call as to who will be eliminated tonight, will it be Amy and Tyson or Damo and Caz?

It’s time to find out the judges scores and to see who will be eliminated tonight.


Amy and Tyson

Liz- 7

Guy- 6

Karen- 6

Colin- 6


Manu- 6

Total- 37/60

Damo and Caz

Liz- 5

Guy- 4

Karen- 5

Colin- 5

Pete- 5

Manu- 5

Total- 29/60

Damo and Caz have been eliminated on MKR tonight.

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