Eat Street challenge

Tonight on MKR the teams are competing in a challenge where they are cooking on Eat Street. Eat Street has been set up in a suburban street and the teams are cooking out of shipping container kitchens. The teams are setting up their original instant restaurants and the customers are the residents on the street. Each resident will eat at any of the restaurants and rate their meal out of ten. The winning team will be safe from the next two eliminations and also gets a huge advantage.

The dishes the teams are cooking tonight are:

Josh and Amy- seafood laksa

Court and Duncan- lamb, root veg and salsa verde

Amy and Tyson- chicken, chicken livers and pumpkin and onions

Brett and Marie- sarsparella beef cheeks with cauliflower puree

Mark and Chris- snapper en papiote

David and Betty- lemongrass pork with spring rolls and vermicelli salad

Della and Tully- crispy pork with carrots and caramel sauce

Tim and Kyle- lamb backstrap with mushy peas and onion rings

Karen and Ros- Beef eye fillet with red wine jus and duck fat potatoes


The judges taste each of the team’s dishes.

David and Betty- the judges love their dish, it reminds them of travelling in Asia

Court and Duncan- Pete says wow, Colin loves the salsa verde

Karen and Ros- Colin says the sauce has good flavour but the puddings are dense, Pete says the asparagus was raw

Brett and Marie- Pete says the beef cheeks are tender but it’s not an exciting dish, Colin says they’ve had better food today

Amy and Tyson- the judges say the look of the dish is restaurant quality, Colin says the chicken is cooked well and Pete loves the chicken livers, it’s a bloody good dish he says

Tim and Kyle- both judges like the onion rings and say the lamb is cooked perfectly, it’s a really good dish

Mark and Chris- Pete’s fish is completely raw, Colin says his fish is just cooked and cooked well but he says the sauce isn’t great though

Della and Tully- Pete says he loves it, the pork belly melts in his mouth, Colin says this team are magicians

Josh and Amy- Colin says the dish has some heat but they comment no further

The judges reveal their comments to the contestants. Pete says Josh and Amy’s laksa was the dish of the day for him.

The public has scored the meals and the winners are safe from the next two eliminations and get a huge advantage. The winner of public’s choice is Tim and Kyle.

The two teams heading into sudden death are Mark and Chris vsĀ Brett and Marie.

Next week the super dinner parties begin.

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