Damo and Caz’s Soundcheck restaurant

All of the contestants arrive at MKR headquarters. It is revealed that one team will get the lowest score ever on MKR and one team will get the highest ever score on MKR.

The first team is from Tasmania, Damo and Caz. Damo is an electrician and Caz is a social worker. Their joint love is food.
They want to showcase Tasmania’s finest foods. Their first ingredient is truffles for their entree.

Entree is Truffle and Cauliflower soup with rustic crusty bread
Main is steak, duck fat potatoes, beans and bearnaise sauce
Dessert apple crumble cheesecake with stewed rhubarb

Their restaurant is called “Soundcheck” as they met through music.

Damo gets started on the crusty bread and Caz gets started on the cheesecake. They go and get ready for their guests to arrive. The doorbell rings and the guests arrive. The other teams are Karen and Ros, David and Betty, Tim and Kyle, Amy and Tyson, Bek and Ash.

Karen and Ros are midwives. David and Betty are “just friends”, she describes it as a brother and sister relationship. Amy and Tyson are actually brother and sister, she describes him as an angry man and he describes her as a bitch. Tim and Kyle are mates who enjoy hanging out. Bek and Ash are best friends.

Pete and Manu arrive and are warmly greeted by all the contestants. Pete tells the contestants that one team will be eliminated at the end of the round. The menu is revealed to the contestants, some are impressed but others are not. Manu enters the kitchen and his inspects the truffles from Tasmania. He asks if they have used truffles in their cooking before but the reply is no. Damo and Caz are now questioning how they are going to use the truffle in the soup. They plate up the soup and take it out for their guests to taste. The judges taste the soup. Manu asks Damo to go and get the truffle and grater from the kitchen, he grates it into his bowl. He says it was a good entree but he wanted more truffle flavour. Pete agrees. The contestants taste the soup and most of them enjoy it.

Damo and Caz get back into the kitchen and start on the potatoes and the steak. Damo cooks the steak on the grill and Caz is making the bearnaise sauce. In the meantime, Bek and Kyle are flirting at the table. Damo takes the potatoes out of the oven and uncovers the steaks. He realises that he has left the steaks one on top of each other and that they may have continued cooking. They plate up and take the meals out to the guests. The judges taste the dish. Pete says the steak was overcooked and the potatoes lacked seasoning. Manu agreed but though the bearnaise sauce was delicious. The other contestants taste their meals. Kyle finishes his steak in record time and has no shame in finishing off the other contestants meals.

Damo and Caz get back into the kitchen to finish off their cheesecake. They take them out of the moulds and plate it up. They take their dessert out to the judges. Their plating up of this dish is not great. The judges taste the dish. Manu loves the layers and the crumble. He feels its a little heavy in texture. Pete says it was not pleasant to eat, it was dense and heavy.
The other contestants taste the dish. Some people enjoyed it but they were not overly impressed.

It’s time to score the meals tonight.
Tim and Kyle 5
Bek and Ash 5
Karen and Ros 6
Amy and Tyson 6
David and Betty 6

Combined score of 28/50

Entree 8
Main 5
Dessert 3

Entree 7
Main 6
Dessert 5

Grand total score of 62/110

The next restaurant belongs to David and Betty in NSW.

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