Caitie and Demi Instant Restaurant Scores

Caitie and Demi

Source: Channel 7

Tonight it is Caitie and Demi’s turn to cook on My Kitchen Rules. What will they score? Can they get to the top of the MKR leaderboard?

Caitie and Demi are the youngest team in MKR and after a bit of back and forth last episode, they know it! Cyn, age 42, has issues with the young “kids” and “could be their parents”. Caitie and Demi are out to prove everyone wrong tonight.

For entree, the pair are cooking Sushi. Main course is a Burger and dessert is a Matcha Tirimisu.

There was controversy over the use of MSG in the mayonnaise for the entree. The promo for this episode made a really big deal out of it, but the new judge (Darrent Robertson) didn’t seem to mind, he said he wouldn’t use it, but didn’t think it was a big deal. He did point out though, that the additive is for flavour, not a thickening agent as they were using it. The other contestants also didn’t seem to mind, Lama said she would usually avoid it but didn’t mean she wouldn’t eat the dish. The girls were grilled over the stickiness of their rice in the entree, not so much the additive in their mayonnaise.

Instant Restaurant Scores


Mark & Chris – 5
Lama & Sarah – 7
Brett & Marie – 5
Valerie & Courtney – 4
Mell & Cyn – 4

Total: 25/50

Colin Fassnidge

Entree – 5
Main – 4
Dessert – 8

Darren Robertson

Entree – 5
Main – 4
Dessert – 9

Total: 60/100

This places Caitie and Demi second on the MKR Leaderboard


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