Beach Challenge – Newport Surf Life Saving

Beach ChallengeThe contestants are at Newport Surf Life Saving Club to cook a lunch for 200 people. The food has to be easy to eat on the go. The people will vote for their best dish and they will be safe, Pete and Colin will also judge the dishes and the two bottom contestants will face elimination.

Valerie and Courtney – Chicken Tandoori Skewers with Paratha Bread and Mango Salsa

Tim and Kyle – Scotch Fillet with Summer Salad and Taragon Mayonnaise

Tyson and Amy – Mexican Beef with Tortilla Chips

Della and Tully – Barbecue Prawns with Kale and Avocado Mousse

Josh and Amy – Gourmet Hotdog with Tomato Relish

Mell and Cyn – Pork Skewers with Quinoa Salad

Court and Duncan – Seared Salmon with Asian Salad and Wasabi Mayo

Caitie and Demi – Soutzoukakia with Potato Salad and Herb Yoghurt

Damo and Caz – Chicken Fajita with Grilled Pineapple Salsa and Avocado Cream

Kelsey and Amanda – Lamb Kofta with Flat bread, Tabouli, Hommus and Garlic Sauce

Karen and Ros- Dukkah covered lamb with grilled vegetables and tzatziki

Brett and Marie- Spiced chicken and burrito burger

Tyson and Amy are stressing as their beef is not cooking how they had hoped. They take it out of the pressure cooker and put them into saucepans on the bbq. Court and Duncan are also having trouble with their salmon skewers, they forgot to oil the bbq and the salmon is burning, sticking and falling off the skewers. It looks like a disaster. He cleans the barbecue and starts again. Preparation time is up and service has begun. Some teams are not ready to serve yet.

Tim and Kyle- the judges love the pink steak and Colin loves the tarragon mayonnaise.

Court and Duncan- the judges like that the salmon is not overcooked.

Josh and Amy- the judges are not overly impressed, it’s just a sausage in a roll.

Kelsey and Amanda- the judges said the kofta is very dry but the hommus and tabouli are great.

Damo and Caz- the judges say the dish does not look pretty at all, the chicken breast is burnt.

Brett and Marie- the judges like the hit of chilli in the mayo and they’ve enjoyed the pineapple, its a fun dish.

Mell and Cyn- the judges think the pork is too dry and they taste burnt, the salad is nice and moist though.

Valerie and Courtney- the judges say it looks good, Pete says wow! The chicken is moist and the hero of the dish is the mango salsa.

Caitie and Demi- the judges say the presentation is not the best but they love the juicy meatball, they think it’s a good dish.

Karen and Ros- the judges love that the lamb is cooked beautifully and the tzatziki gives moisture to the dish, they think they’ve done well.

Amy and Tyson- the judges say it doesn’t look that exciting, the avocado is unseasoned and Colin says he would have left the chips off. Pete says the beef was dry.

Della and Tully- the judges love the char grill on the prawns, Pete says wow! The prawns are perfectly cooked, the judges are really impressed.

It’s time for all the Newport Life Saving club members to cast their votes. The votes have been cast and it’s time for the judges to reveal the results. Pete tells Della and Tully that their dish was dish of the day. The team with the most votes will be the people’s choice and will be safe from the next two eliminations. The winning team is Tim and Kyle. The two teams heading to sudden death are Amy and Tyson and Damo and Caz.


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