MKR 2016

Find out all the latest news for My Kitchen Rules 2016. What are the MKR contestants up to this year?

Eve and Jason vs Carmine and Lauren
MKR elimination tonight is between Carmine & Laurent and Jason & Eve. Who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules? Let’s find out! The teams have 1 1/2 hours to serve their entrees. Eve and Jason are making choux gnocchi with spring vegetables & a roast tomato sauce for entree, lamb cutlet […]

MKR Elimination Carmine & Lauren vs Jason & Eve

colin fassnidge team challenge
The team challenge tonight on MKR is in Colin Fassnidge’s restaurant. They have 90 minutes to make a restaurant quality dish and the winner will have their dish on the menu. The contestants are divided into two teams. First up, Jason and Eve, Giani and Zana and Anna and Jordan […]

Colin Fassnidge Restaurant Team Challenge

Today’s challenge is situated at a Coles supermarket. The teams need to produce a family meal that will inspire other families. They will be cooking in the shopping aisles. The shoppers will vote and the winning team will be people’s choice and safe from the next two eliminations and be […]

MKR Team challenge at Coles Supermarket

seared duck breast with a thai curry sauce pineapple fried rice
Tonight was a past contestant challenge. The teams had to impress the past contestants to stay out of elimination tomorrow night. The past contestants are WIll and Steve, Rob and Lyndzey, Ash and Camilla, Sophia and Jen, Chloe and Kelly, Helena and Vicki, Carlie and Tresne, Angela and Melina, Nick and […]

Past contestants hall of fame challenge

It is a sudden death elimination tonight on My Kitchen Rules. Alex and Gareth are back for their second elimination against Rosie and Paige. It is a three course meals, dished up to the judges. Alex and Gareth are making five spice prawns with papaya salad for entree, snapper with a green […]

MKR Elimination Rosie and Page vs Alex and Gareth

Tonight’s MKR Elimination is JP & Nelly against Alex & Gareth. Who will be eliminated tonight? It is a cook off with three courses. Alex and Gareth are making salmon sashimi with avocado puree and rice crackers for entree, eye fillet for main and a chocolate mouse dome with cherry sorbet […]

MKR Elimination JP & Nelly vs Alex & Gareth

fisherman challenge
Today’s challenge is held in Sydney and the contestants are on boat. They arrive at Cockatoo Island and are greeted by the judges. Pete tells the contestants that Paige and Rosie are not competing today as Paige has an injury.  Today’s challenge is at Cockatoo Island to celebrate the ocean, […]

MKR Cockatoo Island Fisherman Challenge

It is the first MKR Sudden Death Elimination round for My Kitchen Rules 2016. Who will be eliminated tonight? Luciano & Martino vs Gianni & Zana. The guest judges are back to score the contestants on their entire meal tonight. In walks Guy Grossi, Karen Martini, Liz Eagan and of […]

MKR Sudden Death Elimination