MKR Team challenge at Coles Supermarket

Today’s challenge is situated at a Coles supermarket. The teams need to produce a family meal that will inspire other families. They will be cooking in the shopping aisles. The shoppers will vote and the winning team will be people’s choice and safe from the next two eliminations and be featured in the Coles magazine. Colin and Pete will choose the two worst teams and those teams will be going into a sudden death elimination. 

Tasia and Gracia-Satay Beef

Rosie and Paige- Prociutto, Camembert and Sage chicken breast

Zana and Gianni- Ricotta Gnudi

Eve and Jason- Confit salmon

Cookie and Chris- Peri-Peri chicken

Carmine and Lauren- Lamb backstrap

Anna and Jordan- Port braised beef cheeks

Zana and Gianni think Carmine and Lauren’s dish is quite simple with little technique. Lauren is watching Gianni make the pasta for the gnudi and she thinks he is putting in quite a lot of flour. Lauren is cooking the celeriac in milk. 

Rosie and Paige are feeling confident with their dish today, they say its like a cheese toastie. Gracia is making a peanut sauce. Gianni is rolling out the gnudi and Lauren thinks they haven’t got the consistency right. Lauren and Carmine’s lamb is undercooked so they have to put it back on. They want rare lamb not raw.

Cookie and Chris are working on a Spanish rice to go with their Peri-Peri chicken. Eve and Jason are keeping an eye on their confit salmon. Paige is pan frying their rolled up chicken. They then put them in the oven to continue cooking. The teams have 45 minutes before service time. Tasia and Gracia are stressing each other out and talking really fast to each other. They promised they would not fight today.

Chris and Cookie check their chicken in the oven and it’s not cooking well. They decide to finish it off in a pan otherwise it won’t be ready on time. Anna and Jordan are making parsnip chips as an accompaniment to their dish. 

Paige and Rosie are making a pearl cous cous to go with their chicken. Chris and Cookie are still frantically trying to cook their chicken on time. Time is running out and the teams are all trying to get their dishes cooked on time. There’s 5 minutes remaining and the teams start plating up. Rosie and Paige are stressing as they’re not happy with the cous cous.

Some teams have plated their dishes up quite sloppily and have not enough ready for the customers to taste. Time is up and the contestants chase up the Coles customers to get them to taste their food. 

Colin and Pete taste the dishes.

Anna and Jordan’s beef cheeks. They like the generous portion. Pete and Colin absolutely love it. Pete says its the best beef cheek dish he’s ever tried. Next is Carmine and Lauren’s dish. They say it doesn’t look the best. Pete says the lamb is cooked well but they’re not sure what the cheese and mushrooms are doing on the plate. Next they taste Gianni and Zana’s dish. Pete says it does not look very appealing. Colin says its a little bit dry. Pete says he’s not a fan and agrees with Colin that they are too dry. Colin does like the pumpkin and the mushrooms though. Next up is Chris and Cookie’s dish. Colin says he likes the rice and the chorizo is nice. Tasia and Gracia’s dish was next to be tasted. Pete says that the beef is beautiful and a medium rare. Colin likes the fried anchovies. The judges are really impressed. The next dish belongs to Eve and Jason. Pete says it looks inviting and fresh. The salmon is cooked really well. Colin says it’s a good dish, Pete says it’s an excellent dish. The best dish this team has cooked this competition. Next up is Rosie and Paige’s dish. Pete says the chicken looks dry. Colin says the cous cous has a good mushroom flavour but the cheese has completely melted out of the chicken. Pete says they’ve dropped the ball with this dish. 

Now it’s time to find out which dish is people’s choice today, and that dish belongs to Chris and Cookie who made the Peri-Peri chicken and rice.

Now it’s time to find out which are the worst performing teams according to the judges. These teams will cook off in a sudden death elimination at MKR headquarters. Rosie and Paige and Gianni and Zana will compete it the sudden death cook off.

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