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It is the first MKR Sudden Death Elimination round for My Kitchen Rules 2016. Who will be eliminated tonight? Luciano & Martino vs Gianni & Zana.

The guest judges are back to score the contestants on their entire meal tonight. In walks Guy Grossi, Karen Martini, Liz Eagan and of course Colin Fasnich.

Lucino and Martino.

Entree- Stuffed calamari with a squid ink risotto

Main- Seafood Lasagna

Dessert- Chocolate cake with red wine poached pears


Gianni and Zana.

Entree- Montenegran pizzette

Main- White bean stew with Balkan sausage

Dessert- Pistachio and walnut baklava


Zana has made the filo pastry from scratch and Gianni is working on the stew. She then makes some bread dough.

Luciano and Martino have made their chocolate cake and have put it into the oven. Martino has prepared the pasta dough.

Gianni is working on the pizza dough for the entree. Zana says the dough looks a little dry. Gianni gets the deep fryers ready to fry the pizza dough. 

Luciano and Martino have cooked their calamari and risotto.

Gianni and Zana and Luciano and Martino begin to plate up their entrees. Time is running out but they get it all onto the plate. The teams get to go and have a break out the back while the judges taste their dishes.

They start with Luciano and Martino’s stuffed calamari. Karen says she loves the dish, the risotto is al dente and the calamari is cooked beautifully. Guy says the risotto is cooked lovely and is creamy and enjoyable. Liz says the calamari is melt in your mouth. Pete cannot fault the dish.

Next is Gianni and Zana’s pizette. Liz says she’s never eaten this before and that there is a lot of raw garlic in there and it’s overpowering. Karen says it reminds her of her grandmother’s cooking. Colin agrees that the garlic is too strong but he likes the fried base. Pete says it hasn’t achieved the same heights of the first team.

The contestants get back into the kitchen. Gianni and Zana check on their stew and Luciano starts rolling out the pasta sheets. Zana is rolling out her filo pastry sheets for the baklava. She lines the tin and layers the filo and the pistachio mix.

Luciano and Martino are making the fish ragu for their seafood lasagna. Gianni makes a gremolata for the stew. The other contestants are very impressed with Luciano’s pasta rolling skills. The boys layer the ingredients in their lasagna and get them into the oven. Gianni and Zana remove the ribs from their stew and and chop the meat off the bones.

Luciano and Martino are preparing some seafood to go with their lasagna. Gianni and Zana take their bread out of the oven and rub it with butter. The boys plate up slices of their lasagna. Gianni and Zana plate up their stew. Everything gets on the plate and it’s time for the judges to taste the dishes.

Luciano and Martino’s lasagna gets tasted first. Liz says the star on the plate is the pasta but the seafood is overcooked. Guy agrees that the seafood is overcooked and the scampi is undercooked. Now it’s time for Gianni and Zana’s dish to be tasted.  Liz says the dish is delicious to eat. Colin really likes the smoky flavour and Guy agrees. Manu says it’s full of flavour and he can’t stop eating it.

 The contestants are back in the kitchen for their final course, dessert. The contestants have only 30 minutes. Zana checks on her baklava and slices it up for the plate. Luciano and Martino take their cakes out of the dish and slice them in half. The poached pears look lovely inside.

Gianni and Zana make a sugar syrup to go over the baklava. Gianni is making a ricotta cream. There’s only 15 minutes left. Luciano is making a chocolate ganache for the chocolate cake. Zana pours the sugar syrup over the baklava and lets it soak a few minutes before they plate the dish up. She says she normally would let the baklava soak in the syrup overnight. They plate up their dishes with 3 minutes remaining. Luciano and Martino are taking their time and the other contestants are worried that they might not get everything onto the plate. Time is up and both teams get their dishes plated up.

It’s time for the judges to taste the final course of the evening. Gianni and Zana’s baklava gets tasted first. Guy says sometimes it can be overpoweringly sweet, he loves it. Liz says it’s incredible that they’ve made their own filo, she loves it. Next is Luciano and Martino’s cake. Colin says it’s a very good cake, he could give or take the drink. Guy says it’s like being in Verona in the winter drinking the mulled wine with the cake. Karen says it’s a great flavour combination. Pete says the drink detracts from the dish but he loves how it looks.

MKR Scores

 Now it’s time to reveal the judges scores.

Team one is Luciano and Martino

Karen – 7
Guy – 7
Liz – 7
Colin – 6
Manu – 7
Pete – 7

Grand total score of 41/60

Team two is Gianni and Zana

Karen – 8
Guy – 7
Liz – 8
Colin – 7
Pete – 8
Manu – 7

Grand total score of 45/60

The team eliminated from MKR tonight is Luciano and Martino

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