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Tonight the teams will battle to decide the final 5 teams. One team will be going home tonight. The contestants arrive at MKR headquarters and see a row of cloches on a table. The judges tell them that one team will be eliminated tonight. The 5 teams will be going into the finals, the ultimate instant restaurant round. There will be two rounds tonight. The first round will be using ingredients that are not usually used together, they need to make a surprising “fusion” and a knockout dish. The choices are saffron and vanilla, beetroot and chocolate, lamb and apricots, figs and liver, basil and raspberries and the final one is rhubarb and black pudding. Jordan and Anna won the last challenge so they get to allocate each set of ingredients to the other teams.

They allocate these ingredients to the teams. The teams then decide on their dishes.

Saffron and Vanilla- Anna and Jordan – Saffron and vanilla lobster with saffron pasta

Beetroot and Chocolate- Carmine and Lauren – Choc ganache with beetroot sauce and macadamia crumb

Lamb and Apricots- Mitch and Laura – Spiced lamb rack with apricot puree and tortellini

Basil and Raspberries- Chris and Cookie – Raspberry sponge, Italian meringue and sweet basil pesto

Liver and Fig-Gianni and Zana – Chicken and liver pate with figs

Rhubarb and Black pudding- Tasia and Gracia- Black pudding scotch egg and rhubarb mayonnaise

The two worst dishes will send those two teams into a sudden death cook off.

Lauren and Carmine is concerned about her dish as her beetroot hasn’t cooked yet and her ganache isn’t ready. Chris and Cookie are happy with their sponge when they take it out of the oven. There is only 10 minutes remaining. Lauren has made a ganache that she has had cooking in the oven and has now taken it out of the oven and put it straight into the freezer. Tasia and Gracia are working on their scotch egg. Laura and Mitch have not placed their lamb into the oven yet and they are worried it might not cook in time. Chris and Cookie cut into their cake and it’s not cooked. They’re not sure what they are going to do.

Laura and Mitch start cooking their tortellini. Chris and Cookie are still wondering what to do with their cake. They grab some cake pieces and almost mush them altogether to form a cake shape. Tasia and Gracia get their scotch eggs into the deep fryer. Zana and Gianni start plating up. They hope their pate has set in the freezer. Mitch and Laura cut into their lamb and it is rare. Laura decides to cook the lamb in pan. Jordan and Anna are assembling their pasta but it is looking sloppy. All of the teams frantically plate up their dishes.

It’s time for Pete and Manu to taste the dishes. First they taste Tasia and Gracia’s dish. The judges give nothing away but question if the girls are happy with their flavour combinations.  Anna and Jordan are up next. Manu comments that vanilla and saffron are very strong flavours. Next up is Gianni and Zana. The judges taste the dish. Pete asks if Zana is happy with how the livers are cooked. Next up is Carmine and Lauren. Pete asks if they think they had enhanced the beetroot in their dish. Next is Chris and Cookie. The judges taste the cake. Manu says 45 minutes is not a lot of time to cook a sponge. Finally it’s Mitch and Laura’s turn. The judges taste their dish. Manu asks them if they think their dish is a great dish.

It’s time to find out who is going into the sudden death round. Here are the

Anna and Jordan didn’t look good at all but the lobster was cooked well. G Z they highlighted the liver and figs beautifully, very hard to fault. T G  it was a smart dish, the judges were impressed, crunchy on the outside and the egg was cooked perfectly. Chris and Cookie it was a pretty dish but technique wise the sponge wasn’t cooked well enough and there wasn’t a lot of basil flavour. Carmine and Lauren interesting chocolate ganache recipe, not enough beetroot flavour and sauce. Mirch and Laura said the tortellini was senstational and the apricot puree was nice, but the lamb was a bit undercooked.

The four strongest dishes belong to Tasia and Gracia, Gianni and Zana, Anna and Jordan, and Mitch and Laura are all safe teams, part of the final five teams.

Carmin and Lauren and Cookie and Chris are all in the sudden death round. They need to cook one dish with classic flavours. They have one hour to cook this dish.

Carmine and Lauren are cooking a dessert, a white chocolate and raspberry tart.

Chris and Cookie are cooking a mint crusted lamb strap and minted peas.

Lauren is making her pastry for the tart and is having a mental blank about how much flour she needs to add. Carmine helps her to remember. Chris and Cookie are making their crust for their lamb. Lauren rolls out her chocolate pastry and puts it into the pastry cases. Chris and Cookie are cutting up their lamb and coat it in mustard and the crumb they have prepared. They cook a test piece but they are not happy with how the crust is cooking on the lamb, it’s falling off and the lamb is overcooked. Carmine and Lauren are making a raspberry coulis for their tart. Chris and Cookie try and cook another piece of lamb. The crust falls off the lamb again. Lauren is going to try and temper the white chocolate to make a chocolate shard. Chris and Cookie take their pieces of lamb out of the oven and let it rest. Lauren is checking on her tart shells and she is worried about them being cooked well. Chris and Cookie are making some chips to go with their lamb. Chris cuts the lamb into strips and it is cooked perfectly. Lauren takes her tarts out of the oven is really happy with them. Manu and Pete tell the teams that it’s time to start plating up their dishes. And time is up. Both dishes look really nice on the plate.

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. First up is Chris and Cookie’s lamb. The judges don’t give much away. Next up it’s Carmine and Lauren’s white chocolate tart. Pete asks if they think it is a classic flavour combination and Manu asks if they have put enough sauce on the plate.

It’s time to find out who is going home tonight. Pete says Chris and Cookie’s dish was cooked well, the lamb was perfect but the crust was not quite right. The judges liked the chips and enjoyed the dish overall. Pete says Carmine and Lauren’s dessert was sensational especially the pastry, Manu says the sauce was not enough. Pete says it is a big decision tonight and there is hardly anything in it.

The team eliminated tonight on MKR is Chris and Cookie. Carmine and Lauren are safe again and are in the top five teams.

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