MKR Elimination Rosie and Page vs Alex and Gareth

It is a sudden death elimination tonight on My Kitchen Rules. Alex and Gareth are back for their second elimination against Rosie and Paige. It is a three course meals, dished up to the judges. Alex and Gareth are making five spice prawns with papaya salad for entree, snapper with a green chilli coconut broth for main and doughnuts with chilli chocolate ice cream and rhubarb for dessert.

Rosie and Paige are making cauliflower fritters with a yoghurt sauce and tabouli for entree, roast quail with peas, mint and spec for main and a flourless persian cake with rosewater jelly for dessert. Rosie and Paige are worried that they have added too much rosewater into the jelly.

Alex and Gareth are working on their five spice mix. Paige is cutting up the quail but is taking her time. Rosie is stressing out and is starting to lose it. They have a lot to do and the time is running out.

Rosie and Paige are working on their cauliflower fritters. The boys fry off their curry paste for their main dish and prepare their salad mix. The prawns go into the deep fryer. Paige and Rosie fry their cauliflower fritters in a frypan. Both teams plate their entrees up in time and they look great.


The first dish to be tasted belongs to Alex and Gareth. Karen loves the presentation of the dish. Guys says the flavour of the prawns was sensational. Colin said the salad was a little dry until he added some sauce. Pete says the sauce is missing a bit of heat. Next they try Paige and Rosie’s dish. Liz said this dish has beautiful middle Eastern flavours. Colin said the cauliflower was showcased very well. Guy said he was excited about both dishes. Pete says was a great start to the evening.

It’s time for the teams to get working on their main courses. Gareth adds some coconut milk to his green curry mix and then he adds some chilli. Paige finally finishes cleaning and chopping the quail. Gareth begins the choux pastry for the dessert and Alex is preparing the snapper for steaming. Paige fries the quail on the frypan and hopes she doesn’t overcook them. Rosie is chopping and peeling potatoes and puts them into the oven. There’s only 24 minutes remaining on the clock. Alex takes out his test piece of fish from the steamer and it is raw inside. He places it back into the steamer. Rosie and Paige are panicking again as they have so much to do. Paige suddenly realises that she has left the quail in the oven and she is worried it is now overcooked.

Alex cut his fish in half and places them into the steamers. There is only 6 minutes left on the clock. Alex and Gareth keep adding chilli to their dish. It’s time to start plating up. The teams hurry to get their meals onto the plates. Time is up and both teams are really happy with what they’ve managed to put on the plate.

It’s time for the judges to taste Rosie and Paige’s main course. Colin says his quail leg is cooked perfectly but the breast is a little over. Pete loves the flavour of the peas. Karen says the jus is tasty and delicate. Manu loves the jus too. Now it’s time to taste Alex and Gareth’s dish. Guy says he feels like the dish has woken him up and his tastebuds are having a party. Manu says the sauce is full of flavour. Pete says they have added the right amount of chilli and it’s a sensational main course.

It’s time to get started on the dessert. Rosie and Paige are very happy with how their rosewater jelly looks. Alex and Gareth’s choux pastry mix looks a little dry so he adds a little water and mixes it back together. They fry off a test piece and are happy with it. Rosie puts some marscapone  cheese into the food processor and whizzes it up. She realises it’s over whipped and it has turned into butter. She whips up another batch. The boys plate up their doughnuts and then taste one together but they haven’t yet realised that they are missing one doughnut on the plate. Suddenly they see the plate with the missing doughnut and they have enough dough to fry up one more doughnut. They hope it cooks in time to get it onto the plate. Both teams start plating up their dishes. Rosie and Paige decide to leave the fairy floss off the plate and the boy’s doughnut makes it onto the plate in time. Time is up!

It’s time for the judges to taste the desserts. They begin with Alex and Gareth’s dish. Karen likes the presentation and loves the flavour combination. Guy says it’s a great ice-cream. Colin says it’s a good dessert but the doughnuts are a bit inconsistent. Manu loves the flavour of the ice-cream and the fluffy and crispy doughnuts. Now it’s time to taste Rosie and Paige’s dish. Guy says the cake is great, it’s golden and crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Pete says the cake was full of flavour and was moist. Liz says the jelly was great. Pete says it’s a solid dessert.

It’s time for the judges to score the team’s menus.

Alex and Gareth

Guy- 9

Liz- 8

Karen- 8

Colin- 7

Pete- 8

Manu- 9

Grand total score of 49/60

Rosie and Paige

Guy- 9

Liz- 9

Karen- 8

Colin- 8

Pete- 9

Manu- 9

Grand total score of 52/60

Alex and Gareth have been eliminated from MKR tonight.



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