MKR 2016 Leaderboard

The MKR 2016 Leaderboard shows the team scores out of 110 across different rounds. Find out who are the leaders in My Kitchen Rules this season

Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round

Tasia and Gracia VIC 85
Carmine and Lauren SA 77
Anna and Jordan WA 72
Giani and Zana VIC  71
Mitch and Laura VIC  60

Redemption Round

Rosie and Paige SA 79
Carmine and Lauren SA 75
Nev and Kel WA 71
Alex and Gareth QLD 69
Hazel and Lisa QLD 63
Monique and Sarah NSW 62

Third Group Round 3 Leaderboard

Cookie and Chris NSW  87
Mike and Tarq QLD 80
Eve and Jason VIC 59
Hazel and Lisa QLD 57
Carmine and Lauren SA 51
Tim and Dee NSW  32

Second Group Round 2 Leaderboard

Luciano and Martino  NSW 95
JP and Nelly QLD 85
Tasia and Gracia VIC 61
Alex and Gareth QLD 60
Nev and Kel WA  56
Jessica and Marcos VIC  38

First Group Round 1


Giani and Zana VIC 97
Anna and Jordan WA 94
Mitch and Laura VIC 89
Monique and Sarah NSW 68
Rosie and Paige SA 59
Cheryl and Matt QLD 31

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