Luciano and Martino’s Instant Restaurant

It is Luciano and Martino’s turn at their Instant Restaurant on My Kitchen Rules 2016. They are Italian “friends” from Sydney. Luciano is a flight attendant and Martino sells jewellery and are going to be cooking an Italian themed menu in their restaurant “La Bella Vita”.

For entree they are making Fettucinne con Salsiccia & fungu porcini. For main, Luciano and Martino are making Osso Bucco e Risotto alla Milanese. Finally, for dessert they are making Pastiera Napoletana alla Ricotta.

They come back from the shop, set up their restaurant and start cooking.

Luciano starts on the pasta for the entree and Martino starts on the short pastry for dessert. They get their jobs done with ease. Martino prepares the cake mix and puts it in the oven. Luciano prepares the meat and the vegetables for the osso bucco.

The guests begin to arrive. Jessica states that she hopes there is no deep fried foods, as deep fried foods scare her. The guests are warmly greeted by the Italian men.

The boys decide last minute to make a coffee semi-freddo to go with their ricotta cheesecake. Pete and Manu arrive. The men have to put the osso bucco into the oven and quickly take the cakes out while they leave the judges waiting at the door. The judges are seated and the menu is revealed. Jessica states she would never have both a main with a carb and a entree with a carb. The other guests comment that Jessica has strongly stated that she does not like carbohydrates. Jess says she’s going to have to run 5kms tomorrow.

The men have no problems with their fettucine or the pasta sauce. They quickly combine the two, plate them up and take them out to the judges. Pete and Manu try the dish. The other guests are impressed in the dish by the smell alone. Pete says he has been waiting for real Italian food for a long time, and the boys delivered. He could smell the mushrooms and the first bite was heaven, the pasta was technically perfect. He says it was cooked with love, passion and from the heart. Manu says this is the best pasta he’s ever had on MKR, it’s perfect, it’s fantastic! He has high hopes now for the main course. The other guests taste the meal, they loved it, well, with the exception of Jessica of course.

Luciano and Marciano get started on the risotto. They take the osso bucco out of the oven and reduce the liquid. Now the Jessica and Manu incident occurs. Nev asks Jessica what she would serve her guests if they just came over for dinner one night. She says that even though she eats really healthily she understands that most people do not so she caters for everyone. Manu commented that what her perception of healthy may not be the same as his perception of healthy. He says he eats healthy food full of flavour and he goes for a run too. Jessica looked at him, giving him a look as if to say she doesn’t believe he eats healthy food or go for a run. He asks her what does she mean by giving him those funny looks and she just gives him another funny look. Manu is not the only person offended by Jessica’s behaviour and remarks, the other guests are insulted as she said they eat unhealthy foods.

Luciano and Martino are still reducing the sauce. There is a small problem, they decide to present the dish in a modern way and they want to put the sauce in a jug but they don’t have enough jugs so they decide to use a small spoon. They are now worried that the meat will be too dry without the sauce. Manu and Pete taste the dish. Manu says the flavours in the dish are amazing, to die for. It’s fantastic. He has one question, would they serve it this way to their family and friends. He expected it to be more home style and traditional. Pete says to just cook how they normally cook, but he loved the risotto even if the meat was a little dry. The guests taste the dish. The love it! Jessica is not really happy with her dish, she thinks the entree was better.

The boys have their dessert ready to go, but now they’re second guessing their semi-freddo. They finally decide that they will serve it. The guests are having a discussion at the table and Jessica tells Alex and Gareth that she didn’t like their dessert as she does not like chocolate. The boys take their desserts out to the guests. Jessica instantly notices that it has icing sugar on top and she doesn’t like or eat icing sugar. The other guests are impressed with the generous portions. The judges taste the dish. Pete says they started out strongly with the entree, dipped a little with the dessert but they finished as strongly as they started. He loved the flavours and it worked together. Manu says he’s never had this cake before and he loves cheese and he loves the ricotta in the cake and how crumbly it is. He thinks they have done very well tonight. The guests taste the dish. They love it. Jessica scrapes off the icing sugar and takes the chocolate off the semi-freddo. The others ask her if she will score according to her health choices. The other contestants are feeling the tension as Alex confronts Jessica about her negative attitude.

It’s time for the contestants to score the dishes.

Jessica and Marcos 9/10

Tasia and Gracia 8/10

Alex and Gareth 8/10

JP and Nelly  8/10

Nev and Kell 8/10

Total score of 41/50

The judges scores


Entree 10/10

Main 7/10

Dessert 9/10


Entree 10/10

Main 8/10

Dessert 10/10

Grand total score of 95/110

Cooking tomorrow night is Tasia and Gracia in Melbourne.



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