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hazel and lisa

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Hazel and Lisa, stepmother and stepdaughter from Brisbane are cooking in their MKR Instant Restaurant. How will they score? Their restaurant is called Zesty and for entree they are making salmon croquettes with lime aioli. For main, Hazel and Lisa are making Beef wellington with potato galette and green beans. Finally, for dessert, Hazel and Lisa are making a citrus polenta and yoghurt cake with a pistachio ice cream recipe.

They complete their shopping and head home to set up their instant restaurant “Zesty”. Lisa begins the mayonnaise which she will later change into an aoili. Hazel works on the stock and debones the salmon. Lisa mixes the mayonnaise through the salmon and whizzes it all up in a kitchen mixer. They both make the mushroom mix to go around the beef Wellington.

The girls go upstairs to get dressed and the other contestants begin to arrive. Lisa has another attempt at making mayonnaise, this is her third attempt and she is still not happy with it. The doorbell rings and the girls warmly greet the other contestants.

salmon croquettes with lime aioli

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The guests are very impressed with the decor of the instant restaurant with the exception of Carmen and Lauren who have decided that they need to score low to stay in the competition.

Lisa has decided to have one more try at making mayonnaise. It has worked and she is relieved. To make it into an aioli she adds minced garlic and lime zest. Hazel adds some toasted pistacio nuts to the ice-cream and puts it into the freezer. She then gets on to rolling the salmon mince into croquettes.

The judges arrive but the girls are delayed in answering the door due to an oil spill in the kitchen. The menu is revealed to the guests. Lauren and Carmen comment that their menu was better. Lisa and Hazel get back into the kitchen and start rolling the croquettes into the crumbs. Lisa deep fries the salmon croquettes and Hazel plates up the strawberry salad. They plate the dish up and take it out to the judges and guests.

Rachel and Colin taste the entree. Lauren is shocked and upset that there is a very long dark hair in her dish.

Beef wellington with potato galette and green beans

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Colin is the first to comment. He says he has croquettes in both his restaurants, usually you use a bechemal base or a potato base, their dish had neither. They did have the crunch, but the dish was just “ok”. Rachel said the salad was dressed too early, some elements lots their identity. The aioli was full of flavour but the croquettes were a bit bland.

The contestants agree, the croquettes didn’t fit in with the rest of the dish, they were bland. Lauren didn’t taste the dish on account of the hair.

Hazel and Lisa start on the main, they haven’t made the beed wellington yet. They seer the beef, wrap it in prosciutto and roll it in the puff pastry. They put it in the oven and start the potato galette and their sauce. The sauce has reduced too much and is salty, Lisa adds some cream and some wine.

Lisa then starts individually counting out the beans for the bean parcels. She ties them up into little bundles. The guests are waiting hungrily at the table and are singing along. Hazel and Lisa are waiting for the beef Wellingtons to cook.

While they are waiting they get started on the citrus cake. It has been 2 hours since entree and the guests are starving.

citrus polenta and yoghurt cake with a pistachio ice cream

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They finally take the Wellingtons out of the oven. One has a large split in it. The Wellington is all soggy on the bottom. Hazel is looking worried. Lisa cooks the green beans on the stove and then they plate up the potatoes. They cut up the Wellingtons and put them on the plate to take out to the judges.

Colin and Rachel taste their meals. Colin says they waited a very long time for their meals. He says some of his beef was pink and his green beans and potatoes were a little overdone. Rachel said the meat was pink and succulent. The pastry was soggy and it wasn’t puffed. The sauce tasted like wine, it wasn’t cooked off. The other contestants taste their dish. Lauren said her beef was overdone and her pastry was soggy. Dee said the sauce wasn’t sauce, it was slop. Others commented on the undercooked potatoes.

The girls get back into the kitchen and check on their polenta cake. Lisa makes the syrup for the cake and pours it over the top so that it soaks right through. The plate the dish up and take it out to the judges.

Colin and Rachel taste the dessert. Rachel says she was expecting a bright and zesty yoghurt cake. The cake was flavoursome and moist however the pistachio ice-cream was really just vanilla ice-cream with pistachios in it. Colin said the cake was moist and had a lovely citrus flavour. The ice-cream let them down a bit and it was their dish of the night. The other contestants taste the dish. They loved it too and said it was the best dish of the night.

MKR Scores

The individual team scores for tonight’s instant restaurant are:

Dee and Tim 5/10

Mike and Tarq 5/10

Chris and Cookie 5/10

Eve and Jason 5/10

Lauren and Carmine 2/10

Total score of 22/50

Now it’s time for the MKR judges to score the meals.

Colin Fassnidge

Entree 4/10
Main 6/10
Dessert 7/10

Rachel Khoo

Entree 4/10
Main 6/10
Dessert 8/10

This gives the MKR team a total score of 57/110

Next to cook are best mates Chris and Cookie tomorrow night

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