MKR 2016

Find out all the latest news for My Kitchen Rules 2016. What are the MKR contestants up to this year?

Who Won MKR 2016
It is the My Kitchen Rules Grand Final and Tasia & Gracia take on Carmine & Lauren in the ultimate cook-off. Who won MKR 2016? Will the winners be Tasia & Gracia or will Carmine & Lauren take out the prize? Warning: Contains Spoiler It has been an intense season, but […]

Who won MKR 2016?

mkr semi final 1 2016
It is the first Semi Final for My Kitchen Rules 2016. Tasia and Gracia take on Giani and Zana, the winner will be through to the final. Tasia and Gracia are currently first on the leaderboard, Giani and Zana are last. It is the first time Tasia and Gracia have […]

My Kitchen Rules 2016 Semi Final 1 Tasia & Gracia ...

giani and zana ultimate instant restaurant
It is the last ultimate instant restaurant tonight on My Kitchen Rules. Can Gianni and Zana stay in the competition? They have to beat Mitch and Laura’s score of 60. For entree, Gianni and Zana are making adriatic seafood stew and sardines with capers olives and bread. For main, they are […]

My Kitchen Rules Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round Gianni and Zana

gnocchi with musroom and truffle
It is Anna and Jordan’s My Kitchen Rules Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round tonight. Their restaurant, Mama Knows Best, is back, can they get themselves to the top of the leaderboard? Here are the recipes they are cooking tonight. For entree there is gnocchi with musroom and truffle and squid with almond tarator […]

My Kitchen Rules Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round Anna and Jordan

carmine and lauren ultimate instant restaurant
It is back to Number 32 on My Kitchen Rules Ultimate Instant Restaurant round tonight with Carmine and Lauren. Can they beat Tasia and Gracia’s high score of 85 to make it to the top? For entree the team are making vitello tinnato and duck breast with figs and vincotto. For main […]

My Kitchen Rules Ultimate Instant Restaurant Carmine and Lauren

For the chance to win $50,000 you need to enter the code word on the My Kitchen Rules website. There is a new code word each night, here are the answers to the MKR Code Word Competition. 17/04/2016 – QUANTUM 18/04/2016 – QUANTUM 19/04/2016 – QUANTUM 20/04/2016 – QUANTUM 21/04/2016 […]

MKR Code Word Competition

It is Mitch and Laura’s ultimate instant restaurant round. It is the My Kitchen Rules finals and the team have to cook two entrees, mains and desserts. Here are their dishes. For entree they are making caramalised onion broth with french toast and a goats cheese fondant with roast beetroot and figs. For main […]

MKR Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round Mitch and Laura

ultimate instant restaurant tasia gracia entree 1
In the Ultimate Instant Restaurant round tonight, the teams need to cook two entrees, two mains and two desserts. First up in the ultimate instant restaurant round is Tasia and Gracia in Melbourne. The girls arrive home in Melbourne and they are greeted at home by their family. The girls […]

MKR Finals, Ultimate Instant Restaurant Round Tasia and Gracia

Tonight the teams will battle to decide the final 5 teams. One team will be going home tonight. The contestants arrive at MKR headquarters and see a row of cloches on a table. The judges tell them that one team will be eliminated tonight. The 5 teams will be going into […]

MKR Finals Decider