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Rob and Dave’s Instant Restaurant Scores MKR 2015

Tonight was Rob and Dave‘s My Kitchen Rules Instant Restaurant round. The best mates from QLD are set to cook up a storm.

Rob and Dave’s MKR entree was Mushroom Ravioli in Porcini Broth. They were serving up and one of the bowls only had 1 ravioli in it. They were stressing, they didn’t have any more dough to make more. They finally realised they had too many bowls and they did, in fact, have enough food. Colin said they should be “very happy with their first dish”. It was a lesson in “restraint” and “confidence” in their dish. The pasta was “faultless” and the filling wasn’t overpowering and the broth had a great mushroom flavour. Rob and Dave’s entree was a winner.

Source: My Kitchen Rules Website

For main course, the team cooked Fennel and Thyme Stuffed Porchetta with Roasted Vegetables. The crackling had a great crunch, and the pork was rolled well, but the meat was overcooked. Their technique was off for this one. The vegetables were average but the sauce was good. It was a “step down” from their entree.

Source: My Kitchen Rules Website

For dessert, the boys made Chocolate Éclair with Strawberries and Cream. Technically the eclair pastry was spot on, crunchy on the outside and airy on the inside. The strawberry gel was fresh but there was not enough of it. Overall Colin said it wasn’t a bad dish. The teams also really enjoyed the dish. Some commented that there was no wow factor unfortunately.

Rob and Dave’s Main Course


Contestants: 31 / 50

Colin (scores are doubled):
Entree – 10
Main – 4
Dessert – 6

Total: 71 / 110

This puts Rob and Dave at the top of the leaderboard

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