My Kitchen Rules Knockout Round – Finals Decider

Tonight was the decider to find out who will be in the finals. The night was divided into two rounds. The first round was a speed cooking round. The contestants had to make one dish with the brief of “street food”. The losers in this episode will go to elimination on Sunday.

Round 1 Dishes

  • Drasko & Bianca – Lamb Kofta with Pickled Cucumber, Flatbread and Mint Yoghurt
  • Jac & Shaz – Fried Whitebait with Asian Salad
  • Eva & Debra – amaican Jerk Chicken with Rum Fruit Pickle
  • Emma & Jane – Coconut Banana Fritter with Caramel Sauce
  • Will & Steve – Twice Cooked Chicken Wings with Peach Chutney
  • Ash & Camilla – Beef Vermicelli Salad

The winner of the first round was Will & Steve. Their advantage was to choose which teams went head to head in the next round.

Round 2 Dishes

This round, the teams had to cook off against another team. The brief was “fine dining”. Will & Steve paired the teams:

  • Will & Steve – Venison Fillet with Smoked Leeks and Mushroom Sauce
  • Eva & Debra – Crispy Skin Duck with Red Cabbage and Apple Sauce
  • Jac & Shaz – Eye Fillet and Moreton Bay Bugs with Lemon Caper Sauce
  • Emma & Jane – Confit Salmon with Orange and Fennel Salad
  • Drasko & Bianca – Pearl Perch with Cauliflower Four Ways and Broad Beans
  • Ash & Camilla – Barramundi with Potato Scales and Beurre Blanc

First up, Will and Steve Vs Eva and Debra. Both dishes were good. Will & Steve’s venison was cooked perfectly and the sauce was great. Eva & Debra’s cabbage was well seasoned and well cooked. They were close to the perfect duck, but it needed more crisping and a little jus to finish it. The winner was Will & Steve.

Next was Jac & Shaz and Jane & Emma. Jac & Shaz’s beef was cooked very well, the sauce was beautiful but the bugs were just slightly over cooked. Pete wasn’t sure if it was fine dining. Jane & Emma’s salad was lovely, fresh and crunchy. The puree was well seasoned. The salmon, unfortunately was under cooked. The winner was Jac & Shaz.

Finally it was Drasko & Bianca and Ash & Camilla. Drasko & Bianca’s sauce was good, the cauliflower was good, using the outside leaf was weird but interesting. The fish was sous vide very well, but the look of the dish let it down. Ash & Camilla’s sauce was 10/10. The potato scales were beautiful but the Barramundi was a little over cooked. The winner was Drasko & Bianca.

The following teams will be battling it out for elimination on Sunday:

  • Jane & Emma
  • Eva & Debra
  • Ash & Camilla

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