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Annie and Llyod’s Redemption Instant Restaurant Scores

Last night, Pete and Manu shook up the My Kitchen Rules game by taking the bottom two weakest teams from each round and having them cook again in instant restaurants. Tonight is Annie and Llyod’s Instant Restaurant Scores.

For Entree, Annie and Llyod cooked a Goat’s Cheese, Caramelised Onion and Pine Nut Tart Recipe. They got the dish out fast but dressed it with a plain lettuce salad. Manu said the presentation was “horrible” but the pastry was “top notch”. It wasn’t a perfect dish, but a lot better than their first entree. Pete said it was a well balanced, pleasant dish. The salad, however, didn’t work.

Annie and Llyod’s Goat’s Cheese, Caramelised Onion Tart Recipe. Source: My Kitchen Rules Website

Lamb Rack with Green Olive Gremolata and Pommes Dauphines. They had some issues with the Gremolata, it tasted terrible. They were able to add more olives and lemon juice to balance out the flavours and were able to save it. Pete said it was the best cooked lamb in the history of My Kitchen Rules. The Gremolata was “spectacular” but he wanted more, maybe one more vegetable would have got them 10/10. Manu agreed with everything Pete said. The Pommes Dauphines wasn’t perfect, just a bit too much potato but he was impressed with the effort.

Annie and Llyod Lamb Rack and Pommes Dauphines Recipe. Source: My Kitchen Rules Website

For dessert, Annie and Llyod cooked an Espresso Cheesecake Recipe. They needed something to go with the cake and decided on a store bought chocolate coffee bean and a coffee syrup. Manu said the cake has been over baked. It was dense, dry and “pastey” and not the right texture. Pete said the coffee bean was not needed and was very “old fashioned”.

Annie and Llyod Espresso Cheesecake Recipe. Source: My Kitchen Rules Website.


Contestants: 24 / 50

Entree: 6
Main: 9
Dessert: 2

Entree: 7
Main: 9
Dessert: 2

Total: 59 /110

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