MKR 2015

Jac & Shaz Prawns, Avocado and Pink Grapefruit Recipe
Tonight is the grand final of My Kitchen Rules for 2015, see who won MKR 2015. Jac & Shaz take on Will & Steve in the MKR showdown in front of the former MKR contestants and their friends and families, there have been no spoiler with two endings being filmed. The […]

Who won MKR 2015?

Eva and Debra Crumbed Fish Cakes Mango Chutney Recipe.
Tonight’s semi final is Jac & Shaz cooking off against Eva & Debra. The winner tonight will be in the grand final against Wil & Steve. Who will be the My Kitchen Rules 2015 winner? See the judge’s comments and the scores for each dish below. Entree Jac and Shaz […]

MKR Semi Final 2 – Jac & Shaz vs Eva ...

Wil & Steve Smoked Trout with Celery, Apple and Fennel Recipe
Tonight was the first semi final for My Kitchen Rules 2015. It is Ash & Camilla vs Wil & Steve, NSW vs VIC. They have to serve a three course meal, starting with their entrees in just 1 and 1/2 hours. This is the first MKR Semi Final with Drasko […]

MKR Semi Final 1 – Ash & Camilla vs Wil ...

Ash & Camilla Three Cheese Ravioli with Game Consommé Recipe
Ash & Camilla’s MKR Final Instant Restaurant “Dans La Maison” was the final Instant Restaurant this round. If they can beat Drasko & Bianca’s score of 51, they will be safe and stay in the competition. They were making good time in the shopping phase, but when they got home […]

Ash & Camilla MKR Final Instant Restaurant Scores

Jac & Shaz Cherry Short Stack
Tonight’s My Kitchen Rules Instant Restaurant was Jac and Shaz’s restaurant “Stack”. Find the review and scores below. Will they beat Drasko & Bianca to stay in the competition? Entree For entree in the MKR Instant restaurant, Jac & Shaz made a Prawn and Leek Tart with Basil Pesto recipe. […]

Jac & Shaz MKR Final Instant Restaurant Scores

Will & Steve Almond Honeycomb Chocolate Bar recipe for their second dessert
Tonight on My Kitchen Rules it is Will & Steve’s turn to cook in their MKR Instant Restaurant and try and beat Drasko & Bianca to stay in the competition. Entree The first entree is Will & Steve’s Pigeon Salad with Caramelised Pears and Asparagus Recipe. Pete had this dish. […]

MKR Final Instant Restaurant Results – Will & Steve

Eva & Debra Grilled Scampi with Sambal Beans Recipe
It is Eva and Debra’s turn at their second My Kitchen Rules instant restaurant. They need to beat Drasko & Bianca’s score of 51 from yesterday. Once again, it is two dishes per course. Entree Eva & Debra were very organised for entree. They were ticking items off a list one […]

MKR Final Instant Restaurant Results – Eva & Debra

Drasko & Bianca Chocolate Delice with Mandarin Caviar recipe
The first My Kitchen Rules Finals Instant Restuarant was Drakso and Bianca’s restaurant “Wild Pastures”. This round, the contestants have to cook two dishes for each course, the other contestants (the diners) are able to choose which dish they would like. Entree For entree, Drasko & Bianca’s first dish was a Seared […]

MKR Finals Instant Restaurant Results – Drasko & Bianca

Ash and Camilla Braised Mushrooms with Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe.
Tonight’s My Kitchen Rules Competition was a 3 way challenge between Eva & Debra, Emma & Jane and Ash & Camilla. The winner will go straight through to the finals rounds. The night was split into two rounds. Round 1 The first round in the MKR elimination was a test of precision. The […]

My Kitchen Rules Sunday Night Eva & Debra vs Emma ...

Tonight was the decider to find out who will be in the finals. The night was divided into two rounds. The first round was a speed cooking round. The contestants had to make one dish with the brief of “street food”. The losers in this episode will go to elimination […]

My Kitchen Rules Knockout Round – Finals Decider