Who won My Kitchen Rules 2014?

The winner of MKRĀ 2014 with a score of 54 was Bree and Jessica. Chloe and Kelly fought hard and their dishes were very well received, but only scored a total of 52 out of 60.

MKR Bree and Jessica

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2 thoughts on “Who won My Kitchen Rules 2014?

  • Linda Isaacs

    I enjoy watching my kitchen rules every day but was disappointed with the rude comments made by Chloe and Kelly all the way thru about all the other contestants. This I felt spoilt the programme also it came across that they were Manu and Pete’s favourites. I was therefore so pleased to see Brea and Jessica win. Well done ladies.

  • Joan Pridham

    I don’t know what you Aussies thought of Chloe and Kelly, but they are the nastiest bitches I have ever seen on TV. Kelly in particular is awful, so nasty…what a little cow.