Who will face Josh and Danielle in sudden death elimination?

SPOILER: Scroll down to see who lost tonight

Tonight the white team will be cooking for survival with the loser going to face Josh and Danielle in a sudden death elimination. But there is a twist on My Kitchen Rules. Only one MKR team member from each team will be allowed to cook. Who will go home tonight? Jessica and Bree have been under performing with bad team management in the food truck challenge and they even wanted to quit the show. Perhaps they will leave tonight?

The boy, Paul and Blair seem to have got it covered, but will they slip up? Uel and Shannelle have already been to a sudden death elimination round, could it be them? Finally Helena and Vikki are a bit touch and go, having cooked some great dishes but also some shockers.

Bree and Jessica cooked poach trout with soba miso broth and tempura oysters.

Uel and Shannelle roasted duck breast with peaches two ways and fennel sauce.

Paul and Blair cooked fettuccini marina with tarragon cream sauce.

Helena and Vikki cooked Beef fillet with peppercorn sauce.

The dishes were blind tasted by both a jury of contestants and Pete and Manu. The jury saved Paul and Blair and Pete and Manu saved Helena and Vikki.

This left Uel and Shannelle and Bree and Jessica left. The two had to cook a chocolate dish.

Bree and Jessica cooked chocolate molten cakes with hazelnut biscuit crumb and expresso sauce. The cake flopped and they were disappointed with their effort. Manu said the molten cake still tasted good.

Uel and Shannelle cooked deconstructed snickers with salted caramel peanuts. The mousse had good flavour but it wasn’t set properly. The caramel peanuts were too salty.

The weakest team in the showdown round was Uel and Shannelle and they will face sudden death elimination against Josh and Danielle.

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