Who will be eliminated MKR sudden death? Josh and Danielle or Uel and Shannelle?

SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down to see who is eliminated in tonights MKR sudden death.

Tonight Uel and Shannelle face Josh and Danielle in a My Kitchen Rules sudden death elimination round. Who will be going home tonight?


For entree Uel and Shannelle cooked cereal prawns. It was a strange dish which consisted of deep friend prawns with a cereal mixture. The judges thought it “felt like dessert” that was “sweet but with prawns”. The prawns were a little overcooked and one judge had a hair in theirs.

Josh and danielle cooked slow cooked eggs with pancetta crumbs, pea pure and a ver juice gel. The judges thought there was something missing on the dish, it needed more flavour.


For main, Josh and Danielle cooked crispy skin pork belly with beer stewed chick peas. The dish looked “delicious”. The pork had “gone over the hill”, the pork had been braised for too long. They didn’t like that the crackling was cooked separate and the fat was removed.

Uel and Shannelle cooked braised beef with daicon carrot puree and soy beans. The judges liked the look of the dish. The carrot puree was sensational and the braised beed was cooked well but the sauce was too sweet.


For dessert Uel and Shannelle cooked steamed lemon grass and kafir lime Crème brûlée with a crispy cinnamon twirl. Their salty coconut chips didn’t make the plate. It was a perfect brulee and Manu would give them a 10/10.

Josh and Danielle cooked dry ice mint ice cream with chocolate ganache with avocado puree. The judges loved this dish and Manu would also give this desert a 10/10


Uel and Shannelle

Karen Martini – 7
Guy Grossi – 7
Colin Fassnidge – 7
Liz Egan – 8
Pete – 7
Manu – 7

Total: 43/60

Josh and Danielle

Karen Martini – 8
Guy Grossi – 8
Colin Fassnidge – 6
Liz Egan – 7
Pete – 8
Manu – 8

Total: 45/60

Uel and Shannelle were eliminated from My Kitchen Rules tonight.

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