Thalia and Bianca’s final instant restaurant

How did Thalia and Bianca do in their final instant restaurant? Are Chloe and Kelly still going home after this round? Tonight was their final instant restaurant and they made quite a few mistakes.

SPOILER ALERT. Scroll down to see what the girls dished up and how they scored.


For Entree, the girls cooked Fried Silverbeet Ravioli with Basil Filling and Salmon Rillettes with Olive Oil Crackers.

Pete chose the Ravioli and was “struggling” with the dish. The basil and tomato salad didn’t go with the ravioli and the silverbeet was non-existent. Manu had the Salmon Rillettes and loved the dish. The crackers were beautiful, they were soft but nice and crunchy. The salmon was a little over cooked and was a bit dry

Main course

For main course they cooked Blue-Eye Trevalla with Potato Scales and Pea Sauce and Pinot Braised Duck with Red Cabbage and Pear Salad.

Manu had the Trevalla and said the fish was overcooked and the potato scales could have been better but at least they were crunchy. Pete had the Duck. It was cooked to perfection and was falling off the bone. The red cabbage had a good texture and the freshness. Every mouthful was delicious.


For dessert the girls cooked Rhubarb & Hazelnut Tartlet with Cinnamon Ice Cream and Palm Sugar Bavarois with Poached Pear. Unfortunately the girls dropped one of the Rhubarb dishes down the stairs.

Pete had the Bavarois. The presentation wasn’t very attractive. He was struggling with the dish, it was way too heavily spiced. It was his least favourite dish of the night. Manu had the Tartlet and really enjoyed it. He loved the tart base and it went really well with the hazelnut. The rhubarb was a bit undercooked.


Helena and Vikki – 6
Chloe and Kelly – 5
Paul and Blair – 6
Bree and Jessica – 5

Total: 22/40

Entree – 4
Main – 9
Dessert – 3

Entree – 8
Main – 5
Dessert – 7

Total: 58/100

With two teams left to cook, Thalia and Bianca are now at the bottom of the leaderboard and Chloe and Kelly are safe.

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