Thalia and Bianca eliminated from MKR

Thalia and Bianca have been eliminated from MKR. Helena and Vikki scored a total of 65 to beat Thalia and Bianca who scored 58.

The current leaderboard is:

Paul and blair – 70

Helena and Vikki – 65

Bree and Jessica – 63

Chloe and Kelly – 59

This means that Paul and Blair will face Chloe and Kelly in a semi final and Helena and Vikki will face Bree and Jessica. It looks like the meltdown may happen in the semi finals to be aired next week (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday). Will the writers of MKR rig the competition to see Helena and Vikki vs. Chloe and Kelly in the final? It would make for good viewing and is our prediction.

MKR Helena and Vikki

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