Paul and Blair’s Instant Restaurant MKR Final

My Kitchen Rules tonight is Paul and Blair’s final instant restaurant.

SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down to see what the boys cooked and their score

The boys had to cook two dishes per course and the guest could order any combination of dishes from the menu. They struggled in the kitchen today, hopefully it won’t mean they’ll be sent home. Here is what they cooked


Wasabi and avocado soup with tuna and tofu mayonnaise

Paul and Blair's Wasabi and Avacado Soup

See the recipe on the MKR website here

Manu had the soup. There was not enough wasabi, it was almost “non-existant” and tasted like cucumber and not much else.

Tempura prawns with beetroot puree

Paul and Blairs Tempura Prawns with Beetroot Puree

See this recipe on the MKR website here

The flavour combination was odd and the beetroot puree was too sweet. Pete enjoyed it but thinks they could have done a lot better. Also, the prawns could have been crispier.



Crispy skin salmon with Moreton bay bug ravioli

Paul and Blairs Crispy Skin Salmon

See the crispy skin salmon recipe on the MKR website here

They did a tremendous job but the fish didn’t have crispy skin. Pete like the ravioli but would have liked more filling and more sauce, although it needed to cook longer

Slow cooked beef cheeks in soy and orange sauce

Paul and Blair's Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks

See the recipe on the MKR site here

Manu had the beef cheek . It was falling apart and it tasted “wow” but Manu would liked to have seen more than just “rice with a couple of beans on top”.


Spiced cake with Lime sorbet and salty coconut sauce

Paul and Blair's Spiced Cake with Lime Sorbet

See the recipe on the MKR website here

Pete had the spiced cake. It needed more salt, the sorbet was refreshing and the cake was moist and well done.


Triple chocolate cheesecake

Paul and Blair's Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

See the recipe on the MKR website here

Manu had the chocolate cheesecake. He said it was a perfect three layers and the cake was “to die for”


Chloe and Kelly – 7
Vikki and Helena – 7
Thalia and Bianca – 6
Bree and Jessica – 6

(26 / 40)


Entree – 6
Main – 6
Dessert – 9


Entree -6
Main – 7
Dessert – 10

Total 70/100

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