MKR 2014

How did Thalia and Bianca do in their final instant restaurant? Are Chloe and Kelly still going home after this round? Tonight was their final instant restaurant and they made quite a few mistakes. SPOILER ALERT. Scroll down to see what the girls dished up and how they scored. Entree […]

Thalia and Bianca’s final instant restaurant

Manu’s shock at the biggest ever My Kitchen Rules meltdown. Who is it? With only 2 more teams to cook in the instant restaurant round, it can only be Helena and Vikki or Bree and Jessica. Who do you think it is and is it really the biggest ever meltdown? […]

My Kitchen Rules Biggest Ever Meltdown

My Kitchen Rules Chloe and Kelly’s final instant restaurant was tonight. See the recipes Chloe and Kelly cooked. Will the highly criticised girls beat Paul and Blairs score of 70? Find out below. Entree Poached marron with scollops and confit potatoes Pete chose this dish. The marron was cooked to […]

Chloe and Kelly MKR Final Instant Restaurant

Paul and Blair's Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
My Kitchen Rules tonight is Paul and Blair’s final instant restaurant. SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down to see what the boys cooked and their score The boys had to cook two dishes per course and the guest could order any combination of dishes from the menu. They struggled in the kitchen […]

Paul and Blair’s Instant Restaurant MKR Final

Update: See Paul and Blair’s final instant restaurant here Paul and Blair from My Kitchen Rules family heartache. Paul Bullpit and Blair Tonkin are the last men left in the competition and while we don’t know what the heartbreak is, or how far Paul and Blair go in the competition, we […]

Paul and Blair MKR Family Heartbreak

Bree and Jessica vs Thalia and Bianca vs Cathy and Anna elimination
SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down to see what the teams cooked and who was eliminated tonight. UPDATE: Click to see the scores and who was eliminated Who will be eliminated from MKR tonight? Its Bree and Jessica (SA) vs Thalia and Bianca (TAS) vs Cathy and Anna (NSW) in a sudden death […]

Who is eliminated tonight? Bree & Jessica vs Thalia & ...

Spoiler Alert! Tonight on My Kitchen Rules it was a three way sudden death cook off with the losing team eliminated from the competition. It was Helena and Vikki vs Chloe and Kelly vs Josh and Danielle. The first challenge was to fillet and pin bone a whole ocean trout. […]

Josh and Danielle eliminated from My Kitchen Rules

MKR Farmers Challenge
UPDATE: Spoiler, scroll down to see what the teams cooked and who wins. The My Kitchen Rules Farmers Challenge is on tonight and the winner will be safe for the next two eliminations. In this challenge, the MKR teams must cook the produce the farmers provide and it will be […]

Who will be safe from elimination in the farmers challenge?

MKR Bree and Jessica
MKR SPOILER: Scroll down to see what the teams cooked Who is eliminated tonight on My Kitchen Rules? It’s Carly and Tresne vs Bree and Jessica in an MKR sudden death elimination round. The all-girl sudden death elimination sees the two teams both cook under-done main course meals, but do […]

Carly and Tresne vs Bree and Jessica who is eliminated ...

Chloe and Kelly Quit MKR
UPDATE: See Chloe and Kelly’s final instant restaurant results here UPDATE: Chloe and Kelly have returned to the show UPDATE: The team will return with 0 points and face off against Josh and Danielle and Helena and Vikki in the upcoming group elimination rounds We have gotten word that in a […]

Chloe quits My Kitchen Rules 2014