Which MKR team wins the food truck tonight?

Which team will go head to head in a cook off to survive sudden death? Tonight it was the last My Kitchen Rules food truck challenge. White team, headed up by Jessica and Bree take on the black team headed up by Chloe and Kelly. It was a tough day in Queensland and it stretched teams to the edge. Jessica and Bree almost quit with the pressure. They were very disorganised in keeping up with orders and had customers leave without paying. Scroll down to see what the teams cooked and who won the challenge.

The white team cooked


Jessie and Bree – Morton Bay Bugs


Uel and Shannelle – Spatchcock

Paul and Blair – Spiced Kangaroo loin


Helena and Vikki – Macadamia and pistachio honey custard with Crustolli

The black team cooked


Chloe and Kelly – Cured spanish mackerel


Thalia and Bianca – Stuffed squid

Cathy and Anna – Lamb


Carly and Tresne – Profiteroles

The team who is going to the sudden death cook off will be the white team.

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