MKR Semi Final 2014 Part 2 – Who won tonight?

Update: See who wins MKR 2014 final. Spoiler here.

In the MKR Semi Final 2014 Who won tonight? Its Helena and Vikki vs Bree and Jessica. Each team will cook 3 dishes which will be judged by the celebrity judges. Here is what they cooked and we will update you as the show progresses.

SPOILER: Channel 7 has just shown the “finale” ad during the running of the show with Bree and Jessica vs Chloe and Kelly. Therefore we believe Bree and Jessica win tonight. Scroll down to see the final scores


For entree, Bree and Jessica cooked Mushroom Wontons with Prawns and Hot & Sour Broth. This entree was “wow”. It had a bang of flavour straight off the bat. It was a “perfect” dish for some judges, but for others their was too much chilli. Pete could “eat this every day”.

See the recipe here

See the recipe here

Helena and Vikki cooked Scampi Ceviche with Carrot Purée and Watercress Salad. The scampi was gorgeous and the ceviche was done really well. The salad was nice and peppery but the carrot puree didn’t really belong on the dish. The butter made the dish too heavy and creamy, olive oil would have been a better option.

See the recipe here

See the recipe here


Bree and Jessica cooked Smoked Duck Breast with Seared Scallops and Asian Greens. From the start, the presentation of the dish was a bit “pedestrian” and “lack lustre”. The duck breast was perfectly cooked and subtly smokey. Manu (and some other judges) wanted more sauce. It was a silly mistake for a semi final.

See the recipe here

See the recipe here

Helena and Vikki cooked Quail with Stuffed Vine Leaves and Avgolemono Sauce. The quail was cooked perfectly. It was “absolutely gorgeous”. The Vine leaves were a bit thought but gave another texture. Pete couldn’t fault the dish, it was simply “sensational”.

See the recipe here

See the recipe here


Helena and Vikki cooked Burnt Butter Custard with Coffee and Almonds (Kourabiedes). The team was applauded for thinking on their feet but the texture of the dish was “wrong”

Bree and Jessica cooked Peach & Apricot Tarte Tatin with Cinnamon Ice Cream. There is no picture for this dessert. This Tarte Tatin was brilliant. Manu was “Gobsmacked” and didn’t have words for the dish.


Helena and Vikki

Karen Martini – 7
Guy Grossi – 7
Colin Fassnidge – 7
Liz Egan – 7
Pete – 7
Manu – 7

Total: 42/60

Bree and Jessica

Karen Martini – 8
Guy Grossi – 9
Colin Fassnidge – 8
Liz Egan – 9
Pete – 9
Manu – 9

Total: 52/60


Its Bree and Jessica vs Chloe and Kelly in the grand final mkr 2014

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