Chloe quits My Kitchen Rules 2014

UPDATE: See Chloe and Kelly’s final instant restaurant results here

UPDATE: Chloe and Kelly have returned to the show

UPDATE: The team will return with 0 points and face off against Josh and Danielle and Helena and Vikki in the upcoming group elimination rounds

We have gotten word that in a shock announcement, that Chloe from the Chloe and Kelly team quits My Kitchen Rules 2014. After receiving information that her mother was unwell, she was granted temporary leave from the show to see her family. She will leave the show this week but will return to the series when her family is well.

Kelly is currently working at the Perth Restaurant “The Trustee” with head chef Michelle Forbes. She is hoping to be fully qualified in a couple of years. There are rumours that Chloe may also be starting at the restaurant but in the front of house.

Chloe and Kelly Quit MKR



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25 thoughts on “Chloe quits My Kitchen Rules 2014

  • Darryl Simon

    I hope the other chefs push her to the max and wish her good luck stay away from the pretencious bimbo at front of house

  • cortney

    Thank god they are gone I hate chloe and kelly and the other young girls but I love helena and vikki the mums and paul and blair

  • Kirstie

    Kelly and chloe are the most disgusting bitchy females out there. They shld never have been allowed to stay on after there puff pastry incident. There attitudes and nasty personalities shld never have been put on tv for public viewing. We dont need nasty bullies in our faces. Did u hear them say anything nice in this series?? The judges have been disgusting towards the twins and by voting for the bitches week after week they are only making the bitches heads bigger and making fools of themselves. You have destroyed a fantasic show judges and bitches. They cldnt even help themselves in tonights show with the way they spoke about the mums. And yes i have travelled the world to and can also cook, however am a descent person with personality.

    • Cas

      LOL you sound 100% more bitchy than them! You don’t think this show is edited? The twins have said just as nasty things as they have…the judges were always fair, you just don’t like the fact a team you hate can actually cook which the show is about. Get over yourself.

      • Rex

        Actually the Twins have not had anything bitchy to say for quite a few episodes now. They are taking the tack of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it”. Where as Chloe and Kelly have to snigger and make nasty comments EVERY time they are interviewed. Oh and Kelly, just because you quit doesn’t mean you were better. What you have done is a Sally Rawson. Remember her? Lay down Sally…………

  • Maree

    Good bugger off, nasty girls, wouldn’t think this would do the trustee much business, people would pply keep sending dishes back haha I would!!

  • mark

    chloe an kelly are whats wrong with people in the world smug and delusional. Now there being put into the lime light in Perth. Great role models

  • Jools Grant

    The “info” you got was from the New Idea article and if you actually read it you’d see that no one has quit the show. Something happened with Chloe’s mother during filming and Chloe says “My mum is like my best friend. She was also looking after my 8yo son Dylan while I was on the show. I needed to know that my family was OK. In my head I was like: Yep, get me out of here. I want to go home. The competition is important to us but family is #1.” Luckily the show’s producers gave special… (I assume a special break for everyone to go home for a bit) and then continues to say “The time-out with their families has done them a world of good in the kitchen. ‘It allowed us to focus on the rest of the competition, Chloe says. We’ve stepped it up in our studying and are working hard to win.’ It looks like we haven’t seen the end of these feisty lasses just yet!”

    • Sonia Curtis

      No, NOT every team got to go home for a rest … just the bitches!
      If you’ve decided to leave for personal reasons, regardless of what those reasons are, then you shouldn’t be allowed back. Simple!
      What happened to the contract they signed to be on the show?
      The producers are soft cocks because they like the bitchy drama these moles bring to the screens every episode.
      Do you think the producers care about the reputations or futures of these contestants? No, They ONLY care about ratings!
      Chloe and Kelly were bitches from the very start. Editing may play a part in it … but it doesn’t make them say the things they say or to snicker whenever someone else (especially the twins) gets negative feedback!
      I won’t be watching the show any more! It’s totally rigged.
      Kelly and Chloe should have been eliminated with their store bought bread, 3 cheese entree and their store bought puff pastry!
      End of story!

  • tess

    I often wonder why people have a need to be as nasty as Chloe and Kelly. They must really hate themselves and be so insecure. As a woman who loves who I am as a wife and mother, I really don’t feel the need to put others down. I find giving a compliment actually makes me feel better as well as the person I am giving it to.

  • Dean Rathgen

    I’m so pleased these two awful woman our finally out of my home.They have blamed “editing” for making them look bad,girls it’s not what you look like(mind you Kelly has facial expression issues)it’s your foul mouths.Goodbye tarts.

  • Elaine

    I would rather be a lousy cook but a nice person, than a good cook and be as nasty as Kelly and Chloe. It’s worse than listening to school children. If this restaurant has rewarded their behaviour by giving them jobs, it’s not one I’d go to. Their faces are enough to turn the food sour.

  • Rob McStein

    People need to stop with the mud slinging and prehaps look at themselves in a mirror. It’s easy to point the finger but three fingers will be point back at yourself. Y’all might like to grab a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word HYPOCRITE.

  • Robert B

    I have to say that as a mother her form is pretty ordinary when it comes to her tactless comments and not really setting best example…. Also she refers to getting rid of the ” mums” all the time…um last I read Chloe, you are a mum

    I think the show is rigged for personalities as opposed to what is really on the plate. Look at the last challenge, they barely had anyone and received the lowest amount of money but went through on a rubbish attempt at tuna mornay????? What rubbish is that

    Manu favours them, they can so no wrong

  • Kelly

    You people are hateful trolls. You berate Chloe and Kelly for being bitchy and snarky on TV and you all sit here and be nameless and hateful behind your computer screen. The show is edited, yes the girls aren’t my cup of tea but it is TV. Have they entertained you YES, have they given you something to talk about YES and have the judges enjoyed their food at times YES so they are doing their job. How come sledging is accepted in sports but not other forms of competition like a cooking competition. Plus most of the chef’s I have met are actually that arrogant so maybe this is a perfect career choice for the girls.

    Grow up people….

  • chris

    Do you people not remember lasts years baddies Sophia & yep who was it.
    It’s great for the ratings but I agree they do appear nasty as.
    So don’t despair the 2014 nasties won’t be remembered either.

  • Dean Rathgen

    OMG,they’re coming back into my lounge via TV,I think it’s time to pick-up the remote and surf for a better option,I’m not sure I can bear them anymore