Josh and Danielle face sudden death elimination

Tonight was the Tradie Challenge night. The team with the weakest dish tonight was Josh and Danielle. Here is what the teams cooked, scroll down to find out who the winner and the peoples choice was tonight.

Paul and Blair cooked Indonesian style pork with satay sauce and vegetables. The pork was a bit dry and the sauce was watery. They almost ran out of satay so they watered it down.

Helena and Vikki cooked chicken skewers with barbeque corn and asian slaw. The dish was “good”

Chloe and Kelly cooked bourbon lamb cutlets with potato salad and “kick-ass” chilli sauce. Pete loved the sauce. They also loved the marinade on the lamb cutlet, overall it was a “very enjoyable barbeque dish”.

Carly and Tresne cooked Indian spiced prawns with fragrant rice. The prawns had a “beautiful flavour” but the rice wasn’t very fragrant and a bit bland.

Uel and Shanelle cooked barbecue Korean beef with seafood pancakes. The beef had a “beautiful marinade” and the pancakes were “delicious”. The beef was cooked to perfection.

Thalia and Bianca cooked mexican chicken skewers with wedges. Although they set the barbecue on fire, the chicken was cooked well and had the best presentation. The flavours were superb and the judges were really impressed.

Josh and Danielle cooked grilled prawn with chorizo skewers, seared beef, chimichurri¬†and potato salad. There was “too much going on” and the flavours didn’t work together at all.

Cathy and Anna cooked beef randang with cucumber relish and rice. The beef was really tender and Pete liked the flavours. Manu thought it tasted like a barbeque steak rather than a slow cooked rangdang and disagreed with Pete.

Bree and Jessica cooked a Jamiacan jerk chicken with coconut rice. The marinade was “fantastic” and it was a “really good use of the barbeque”.

The team who won winners choice tonight was Chloe and Kelly

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