My Kitchen Rules

Harry and Christo will face Helena and Vikki in Sudden Death

First Round

In the first round, the jury of the other contestants joined Pete and Manu to judge the dishes.

Chloe and Kelly cooked middle eastern quail eggs with cous cous. The cous cous was refreshing, but the egg was average with too much paprika. Manu said the egg was cooked inconsistently, Pete wondered if it was enough.

Carly and Tresne Thai egg nets with pork and prawn. The jury was impressed with this dish, but some thought the egg was bland. Pete thought the egg net was bland, but the presentation was good and the rest of the dish was good.

Harry and Christo cooked chicken laksa. Some of the jury liked it, but others didn’t like it at all. Pete and Manu thought the laksa had no flavour.

Josh and Danielle cooked chicken  two ways, friend and poached.  The fried chicken was underdone so couldn’t be eaten be all of the jury. Manu thinks they should have just concentrated on one element.


The jury’s least favorite dish was Chloe and Kelly’s quail eggs.
Pete and Manu’s least favorite dish was Harry and Christo’s dish.

Second Round

In the second round the two teams had to cook another dish. Their ingredient was swapped, so Harry and Christo had to cook with eggs and Chloe and Kelly had to cook with chicken.

Harry and Christo cooked a spanish tortilla espanola with brava sauce and chorizo. Pete thought the flavours weren’t 100% and Manu loved the sauce.

Chloe and and Kelly Japaense inspired poached chicken in a mushroom broth with crispy chicken skin. Manu loved the dish except for the crispy skin.

Harry and Christo lose and will face Helena and Vikki

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