Harry and Christo Eliminated Tonight on My Kitchen Rules

Tonight Helena and Vikki cooked off against Harry and Christo in a sudden death elimination. Here’s what they cooked.


For entree Harry and Christo cooked Tuna Carppacio with citrus and soy dressing. The judges loved it, it was “absoultely gorgeous”.

Helena and Vikki cooked Mussels saganaki with dill pita bread. The judges also loved this dish, the sauce was “mama mia”. The bread also had a lovely texture and the mussels were cooked perfectly. They could have had some lemon or something else sprinkled over the top.


For their main dish, Harry and Christo cooked a Wagyu steak with bernaise sauce and truffle chips. Colin Fasnidge said the bernaise sauce was the only good thing on the plate. The chips were soggy and they didn’t render the fat in the steak, it was raw.

Helena and Vikki cooked Moussaka with Greek salad. There were some good flavours in the dish but it was too oily and fatty. Other judges loved the dish, but said it might have been cooked too quick.



For desert Harry and Christo cooked an Expresso Crème Brûlée with Panforte. Unfortunately the brûlée was runny, “like a thickshake” but had “good flavours”.

Helena and Vikki cooked Rasberry and Banana Cake with a Sweet Dhukka and Citrus Curd. The judges didn’t like this dish, they commented that “I don’t think its a desert for an elimination”, “it’s just a cupcake” and “its a bit pedestrian”.


Helena and Vikki:

Karen Martini – 6
Guy Grossi – 7
Colin Fassnidge – 6
Liz Egan – 7
Pete – 7
Manu – 7

Total: 40/60

Harry and Christo:

Karen Martini – 6
Guy Grossi – 5
Colin Fassnidge – 4
Liz Egan – 6
Pete – 6
Manu – 6

Total: 33/60

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