Chloe and Kelly MKR Final Instant Restaurant

My Kitchen Rules Chloe and Kelly’s final instant restaurant was tonight. See the recipes Chloe and Kelly cooked. Will the highly criticised girls beat Paul and Blairs score of 70? Find out below.


Poached marron with scollops and confit potatoes

Poached Marron with Scallops Recipe

See this recipe on the MKR siteĀ here

Pete chose this dish. The marron was cooked to perfection but the scollops lacked flavour and seasoning

Oxtail and bone marrow

Manu chose this dish and he loved it so much it was the “best dish of the competition”.


Capretto (baby goat) with polenta.

Capretto with Polenta Recipe

See this recipe on the MKR siteĀ here

Pete chose the Capretto. The goat was cooked to perfection but there was a lot of acidity because the wine wasn’t cooked out enough. Overall a good dish but could have a few improvements.

Venison fillet with blackberries

Venison fillet with blackberries recipe

See this recipe on the MKR site here

Manu had the venison fillet. He thought the venison itself was well cooked, melt in your mouth, “beautiful”. But Manu would have loved to have more sauce. It was a great main course with only a few faults


Brioche dougnuts with elderflower curd

Brioche doughtnuts with elderberry curd recipe

See this recipe on the MRK site here

Pete said the dish looked amazing but the dish wasn’t cooked all the way through. The curd tasted a bit fake by using elderberry cordial it tasted artificial.

Trouffled chocolate truffle with truffle icecream

Manu had the trouffle ice cream. The ice cream was “to die for” but ruined the ice cream with everything else on the plate. All he could taste was sugar and walnut and egg. The plate did not work at all together



Thalia and Bianca – 5
Paul and Blair – 4
Jessica and Bree – 6
Vikki and Helena – 3

Total: 18/40


Entree – 6
Main – 8
Dessert – 4


Entree – 10
Main – 8
Dessert – 5

Total: 59/100

With an overall total of 59/100, Chloe and Kelly are in last place in the instant restaurant round.


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