Cathy and Anna win the Italian challenge, Helena and Vikki face elimination

Tonight was the Italian challenge. There were lots of good looking dishes, here’s what the teams cooked.

Uel and Shannelle cooked pork belly with salsa verde a side of watermelon. The pork belly had “good flavors” and the watermelon was good to cleanse the palette. The port belly was a little under and a little chewy

Josh and Danielle Ricotta Gnochhi with Napoletana sauce. It was “simple but perfect”.

Carly and Tresne cooked mini “arronchini” (they mispelt arancini) which had a “good amount of cheese” and good flavours. They were cooked perfectly and “addictive”.

Paul and Blair cooked veal ragout peadinas which were good for a festival because they could be rolled up and eaten on the go. Pete said the flavours just “kept getting better” as he ate it. This dish was definitely a hit with the judges. Pete said it was the dish of the day in their books.

Bree and Jessica cooked marinara with “flavours of the sea”. Pete was “loving this dish”. It was the only seafood dish of the night. It was just “like a restaurant dish”.

Thalia and Bianca cooked the only desert of the night, Churros with chilli chocolate and salted caramel. The judges

Chloe and Kelly made pear and pancetta pizza with rocket. They were the first to arrive but the last to serve up. The pizza was undercook and the base wasn’t crunchy.

Harry and Christo cooked white bait fritters, the flavour combination was correct but the individual pieces were “average at best”

Helena and Vikki cooked polenta balls with prawns and mushrooms ¬†gorganzola balls. They were “very bland” and there was “not enough flavour in them”. They will be facing off with one other team in sudden death.

Cathy and Anna cooked Frito Miso, Manu “loved the aoli”. They won best dish of the night.

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